About Us

Artist Shortcut was born on February 2, 2015, as a digital marketing blog for hip-hop artists. Since inception, Artist Shortcut has helped over 30,000 artists and Hip Hop professionals grow their career.

What Does Artist Shortcut Do?

Motivate and educate hip-hop artists on music promotion, artist development, overall business and more. Most music artists want to become successful, but don’t have the knowledge or time necessary to make it happen. That’s where Artist Shortcut comes in. We provide the knowledge necessary to make it happen – and for artists with a reasonable budget, we’ll handle the logistics and work associated with getting results too.

What’s The Goal?

To close the knowledge gap between very successful artists and those just starting to create a music career in hip-hop. Thanks to the internet, the playing field has been leveled out, however, the amount of business and marketing content available specifically for hip-hop artists is still low. Except for Artist Shortcut of course ;)

Why Don’t You Charge For This Information?

We don’t charge you for this information for 2 reasons.

1.) We believe that by giving this information out for free, we’re not only helping you, but we’re improving the entire Hip Hop industry. And, once you become successful, we don’t mind you giving us a shout out :)

2.) Over time, we will make more money by offering a lot of free content over charging you for every piece of educational information and content. But, don’t worry. We’ll be introducing paid packages and courses soon for artists looking to shortcut their success even more. Bills don’t pay themselves!

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