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How To Become A Famous Rapper

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Becoming famous involves being known by a lot of people. If you’re trying to learn how to become a famous rapper, I’m going to show you how to do so. However, to keep this article from being extremely complicated, I’m going to keep everything simple. Simple to digest and simple to take action on.

1. Develop Your Talent

You need to develop some type of skill or talent that can be absorbed or liked by a lot of people. For most of you, it’ll be your music. For those not in the process of making music at this moment, it could be things like fashion, interior design, fitness, and more. You just need a core talent that can be appreciated by a lot of people.

2. Promote Your Talent

Next, you need to put yourself out there. You have to promote your music or talent. Your work is not going to be perfect, and If you try to make it perfect, you’re going to waste time that you’ll never be able to get back. Everybody isn’t going to like, so it’s better for you to fail now (if you’re going to fail). That way you’ll be a lot closer to success.

3. Build An Audience

You’re going to want to build an audience. I talk about building a fanbase for your music a lot. But, all you’re doing is building a core audience of people who like what you do.

In the beginning, you may have to build an audience 1-by-1. When you find a person that likes your music, your brand, or whatever talent you’re putting out – you should become best friends with them.

At its most simple, building an audience involves making friends.

4. Engage That Audience

Once you start building an audience, you need to engage with them. This includes letting them know how they can help you, having a casual conversation, and just being a good friend. Any messages you get from your audience, respond to those messages. That not only helps that relationship grow, but motivates them to tell other people about you – because they feel more like a friend than just a “fan” or “customer”.

When done consistently, this creates a compounding effect: 1 person tells 1 person – 2 people tell 2 people – 4 people tell 4 people – 8 people tell 8 people – and before you know it, you have thousands of people doing your marketing for you.

That’s How You Become A Famous Rapper

That’s really all you need to become a famous hip-hop artist. Not as complicated as you probably imagined?

Yeah, there’s no secret sauce or 1-way to do it. But regardless, becoming famous usually involve the #4 points above.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s a side of luck in that. There’s a side of right place, right time. But, that’s usually not the deciding factor.

You also don’t have to be Drake or Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift famous. There are a lot of famous people in their niches and industries that aren’t household names.

For most people reading this, you won’t be able to name somebody famous in the agriculture world (I know I can’t). However, that doesn’t stop those I see on Twitter from having hundreds of thousands of social media followers and reach.

And although becoming a famous hip-hop artists sounds good, remember, it’s better to have 1,000 true fans than to have 10,000 “you’re cool” type of fans.

  • I’m no rapper but I enjoy writing mix matching and rhyming words for fun.after reading this post I had a vision and felt E-40 Rich. thanks to you that made it possible for me to be a successful man in my mind.gracias ati! now its up to me to proceed the american pimp dream but first ama eat a fat ass hooked up sandwich and I ain’t talking bout no fat bitches! neather. Shout out! much love to all my fat bitches tho STAYUP! LOL

  • i want to be a famous rapper , my friends always hear me singing they i am talented and i believe in my dream

  • Hi my name is Desiree’, but people usually call me Lil TriGGa, and I love rap but the only thing u didnt mention was getting a manager or a producer and to me thats one of the most important steps because without that then how will u make and produce your music??

  • Ive always loved music. Have had a knack for rappinand singing always wanted to do a mix tape. Basically as a bucket list option but my friends keep telling me to market the mix tape. But worry that my age may cause issues. Should i make the mix tape anyways? Goal is to own and operate my own independant label in the next 5 yrs. What do u think?

  • I want to be rapper, my friend always hear me rap song, always compliment when I rap, but do not know who can help people who know this rap article

  • I noticed i can spit a couple of lines and writing songs. I love hip hop and i will gladly take the chances to learn more and better my act as a hip hop and a gospel artists…. I wish to learn more about the act. I find your shortcuts inspiration and very true. Please teach and show me more if you wouldn’t mind.

    Thank you.
    Michael( DE-TRUTH)

  • Hey thanks for ur advice . Actually I am a Congolese named angel u started up crew which is the Jac-b . But we aren’t that famous.

      • im a 14 year old kid that can make really good rhymes and rally good songs that my friends like saying it will be really sucessful my insparation is lil pump smokepurpp lil wayne i just dont know hat to do after i make the songs

        • Find someone you can trust as a manager. Start by making youtube videos of you performing your tracks. It can be unprofessional recording. Build your fans that way first.

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