How To Find Hip-Hop Blogs That Accept Submissions

Today we’re going to talk about how to find hip-hop blogs to submit to. So, finding hip-hop blogs and just using hip-hop blogs, in general, is usually a good strategy. There are times when a hip-hop blog may have deceiving numbers as far as social media followers and likes are concerned. They may “look” like they’re a good blog to submit your music to, but sometimes they are useless. That’s not for every blog, obviously, but there are blogs like that.

Method #1 for Finding Hip-Hop Blogs to Submit to:

What I’ve found to be the best strategy for finding hip-hop blogs involves asking people in your city. So, ask other rappers in your city, DJs (learn how to build a relationship with DJs here), and people who are credible in your city because they usually know which blogs are actually putting in work behind the scenes and are getting a good amount of views.

Method #2 for Finding Hip-Hop Blogs that Accept Submissions:

Another method you can use, which is less reliable but can uncover a good amount of hip-hop blogs while sitting at your computer is to search Google for hip-hop blogs + whatever city you’re in. So, for me, I would search hip-hop blogs in Cleveland and I might find 2 or 3 blogs that look professional and look like they’re engaging with the community

Last, but not least

A method you can use if you’re an extreme introvert is to look at what blogs influencers post on their social media and send to their email list (if you’re on their email list). They typically only endorse the hip-hop blogs if know the owner or they know the blog is getting traffic or out here hustling.

PS: There’s a resource online somewhere and I don’t know who originally posted it because I’ve seen it on 4 different blogs, but there’s a huge list of hip-hop blogs that you can check out that accept music submissions as well.

Update (06/13/16): The link to the original list of hip-hop blogs is here:

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