How To Get Free Music Promotion In 2020

Getting free music promotion is very simple. Build more relationships in places that you can use to promote your music. For example, if you wanted to get your music promoted on Baller Alert, be featured on Yesjulz’s playlist,  MTV, or be on the radio – all of that stems from relationships.

Don’t just go asking a stranger, “Hey, can you help me out for free?” It just doesn’t work like that, you wouldn’t go to a lawyer and say, “Hey, can you help me with my legal issues for free?” No, they have a business to run, and it’s the same way with a lot of these blogs and a lot of these influencers or industry gatekeepers, or whatever. They have their own businesses to run and if you’re not in that friend zone, it’s like why would they help you? There are a million other people that they could be helping

You have to build relationships and stop asking for things before you’ve given them something. So, help somebody else first before asking for something in return. That will make building a relationship easier, or a lot more efficient than emailing somebody like, “Hey, I want to build a relationship with you.”

It’s like, what do you want me to say? Okay?

You need to be able to help somebody, add value to somebody else’s life.  They will be more likely to help you than if you didn’t help them or if you’re a stranger.

Let me know your thoughts – how do you promote your music for free? Besides just going on Soundcloud and then Tweeting your music, how do you really promote your music?

  • Do you build relationships?
  • Blackmail people?
  • Intimidate people?

What is your strategy and what do you feel is effective for getting your music promoted for free?

Things Worth Tweeting

Things Worth Tweeting


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  1. Great article. Would be cool if you could list some of the things we can do to build these relationships.

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