How To Get Girls For Your Music Video Shoot

Regardless if you want to become a successful rapper or music artist in another genre, you’re eventually going to want to shoot a music video to help promote your music and build your fanbase. Shooting a music video may require things like hiring a music video director, buying lights or fog machines, securing venues if necessary, and much more depending on your vision.

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One of the things your music video may require is girls. Now, I’m talking about your average girl, not strippers or pornstars. But if you’re looking for strippers and pornstars – you can still utilize the strategies in this post.

Note #1: If you’re a music artist that has a music manager, they will probably be performing the strategies in this post. Make sure to send them this article if that’s the case.

Note #2: If you’re a female, this post will likely benefit you less because you’ll probably know many girls that would love to be in your music video. However, if you’re a guy (or a female without many girl friends), keep reading!

#1. Find Girls Using Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for finding girls for your music video.

The process for finding girls is simple and follows:

  1. Search for girls who are friends of your friends. This gives you a mutual connection and makes them more open.
  2. Examine their Instagram profile and get a feel for their interest. If you believe they may be a good fit, move to #3.
  3. Reach out and respectfully introduce yourself.

#2. Introduce Yourself

Once you found a few girls that you feel would be a good fit, you’re going to have to reach out and introduce yourself.

This is where most artists go wrong and say something stupid. Here are a few examples:

  • “What’s good? I’m shooting a video blah blah…”
  • “Yo I’m having a fire music video shoot”
  • “Aye…..”

That’s not how you professionally talk to someone.

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“Your first impression is your last impression” – regardless of how true that quote is, your first impression is extremely important.

Instead of ruining it with slang or by trying to be cool – be professional first.

Here’s an example of a professional introduction:

“Hey, I’m friends with blah blah (don’t say blah blah – insert friend name). I’m shooting a music video on blah blah (don’t say blah blah – insert music video shoot date) and would love for you to be in it.”

Make sure to include all of the benefits of being apart of your music video after your first couple sentences.

#3. Offer Benefits

Being professional will get the communication started but will not get strangers to spend their free-time being in your music video. This is where benefits will do their part.

You want to offer some kind of benefits in exchange for their time so that they’re more likely to agree to be in your music video.

Although money is one of the best universal benefits you can offer, you can also offer something like free food.

If you’re going to offer free food, I’d recommend you get catering from Chipotle and instead of just saying free – say free Chipotle. I don’t know many people that will turn down free Chipotle.

#4. Thank Them

If they agree to be in your music video, send them a thank you message that includes the location of your music video, the time your video shoot starts, how long you’ll need them, and any other relevant information.

If a girl declines your offer, you should still send her a respectful and professional ‘thank you’ message. That girl may not have been interested this time but that doesn’t mean she won’t be interested in the future.


The process for getting girls for your music video is relatively simple. As long as you’re respectful and professional, you shouldn’t have too many bad experiences when contacting them.

Now, just because this is the method I recommend doesn’t mean it’s the only method. You can get girls for your music video using a completely different strategy. At the end of the day, do what you feel is best.

However, if you don’t know how to get girls for your music videos, you should probably start with this method.

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