How To Build Relationships With Hip Hop Bloggers


Building relationships with Hip Hop bloggers will be important throughout your entire music career. They’ll help get you in front of your target audience, as well as add credibility to your brand.

As you become a bigger artist and begin to build a team, you will assign this job to someone else, like a publicist. But, until then, you need to be networking and building relationships with Hip Hop bloggers, and I’ll show you 3 different ways to do it.

Comment On Their Blogs

Comment on hip hop blogs

Most Hip Hop blogs don’t get a lot of comments and no one seems to be taking advantage of that (I just started to). Commenting on a blog is an epic way to build relationships with bloggers. It’s epic because, you’re not only helping the blogger’s site look nice and grow (which helps him), but you’re (hopefully) complimenting his work.

Now, since you’re probably one of the only few people to comment on his blog, he’ll notice. And if you’re consistently doing it, that relationship will develop and grow.

Think about it, if you post something online, no matter if it’s a status update, tweet, music, video, or whatever – and someone likes, retweets, or comments on it, you’re pumped! It makes you look good online and feel good.

I know I feel good when others comment and share my stuff.

Send Them An Intro Email


Sending a “cold” email to a Hip Hop blogger can be tricky, but effective. The reason being that, most bloggers receive a lot of emails every day. They receive a lot of “check out my music”, “how to get on your site”, and “let’s work” emails every single day.

Odds are, if you send them an email, it’s going to get lost in the pile with all the other emails, or overlooked. So, how do you stand out? Let me show you, how I do it.

I’d send a short introduction email. I’d tell them who I am, what I do, and how I’d like to help them. The shorter the email, the better. It will increase the odds of getting a response.

Then I set a reminder to notify me in 7 days to check my email and see if I’ve received a response from them. If not, I send another message, inside my previous message with something like: “Hey, I know you’re busy so, I just wanted to send a follow up in case this message got lost in your inbox. Thanks!’

And I do this until I receive a response thanking me for following up or telling me to stop emailing them.

This works because, typically, only serious people will consistently follow up with an email. Since not many people do this (similar to commenting on their blog), you’ll stand out.

Promote Their Content


This one is simple, short, and straightforward. Promote their content. It doesn’t matter if it’s on social media, by purchasing one of their products (if they have any), or by telling someone to check them out. Helping them grow their business/blog will put you on their radar.

Twitter Tip: By consistently retweeting their post or content and adding your own comments in your retweet (usually compliments if you like the content), you will start getting on their radar pretty quickly.


Building relationships with Hip Hop bloggers are important and will help put you in front of potential fans of your music. 3 different ways to build relationships and stand out involve commenting on their blog post, sending them an email, and promoting their content. While that’s not the only things needed to get your music on Hip Hop blogs, it’s part of the process.

7 thoughts on “How To Build Relationships With Hip Hop Bloggers”

  1. Wow great advice the more I read the more I was like Eureka I believe I found the recipe now it’s time to start cooking!!!!!

  2. Wow great advice the more I read the more I was like Eureka I believe I found the recipe now it’s time to start cooking

  3. Great work on this post! I am frequently talking to and encouraging poets and rappers who believe unbridled desire alone will get then somewhere major. This is the first post I have read but just the titles of the rest make it clear this is a place I need to start directing them. I love seeing people sharing wisdom and knowledge! God bless.

    • Hey Willie, Glad to hear this post caught your attention. Feel free to send as many people as you’d like to read these post :)

  4. Dang man, I never thought about commenting on people blog posts. As an artist that can elevate me as an artist and you as a blogger. That can really make some great connections with people and its a really great idea. Great content bro!


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