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How To Make Your Own Music Website for Hip Hop Artists

how to make your own website for hip hop artists

Why You Need To Make A Music Website: Most hip-hop artists are relying on social media heavily. The problem with doing that is that your social media accounts could be deleted at any moment, for any reason– and guess what happens to all of those followers and likes that you’ve been working so hard to […]

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4 Different Ways To Get Your Mixtape On Livemixtapes

How To Get Your Mixtape On Livemixtapes

How To Upload Your Mixtape On Livemixtapes (short version): There are 4 different ways to upload your mixtape on Livemixtapes: Sign up for an account & complete their expedited application Work with someone who has a Livemixtapes account Network with the staff Hustle, grow your popularity, and then have them come to you How To […]

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