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Everything You Need To Build A Budget Home Studio

Everything You Need To Build A Home Studio

If you’ve read our article on why you should have a home studio, you already know that building a home studio is one of the smartest investments you can make as an upcoming hip-hop artist. There are tons of artists that don’t have a home studio and practice their craft in a professional studio. Now, […]

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What is Music / Artist Management?

What Is Artist Management

Artist Management is the Act of Managing an Artist Their job is to help the artist manage their career and grow. If you look at it from a corporate organization structure, they’d be the head of operations. Although their day to day tasks may change, their main role is to keep the artist moving forward. […]

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Why You Should Build A Home Recording Studio

Why You Should Build A Home Recording Studio

Going to the studio is a big part of becoming a rapper. It’s how you create your product (the music). However, upcoming hip-hop artists put so much money into studio time that they forget there’s more than just recording. Recording Your Music Can Be Expensive A lot of rappers go to the studio when they […]

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