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How To Be A Professional Hip-Hop Artist

How To Be A Professional Hip-Hop Artist

A lot of hip-hop artists come from low-income urban areas where there’s little motivation for learning how to be professional. And thanks to the current nature of hip-hop, slang and disrespect is often glamorized and made to look like the “cool” thing to do. Upcoming artists observe this behavior and think being disrespectful and using […]

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How To Get Your Mixtape On MyMixtapez

How To Get Your MyMixtapez

How To Upload Your Mixtape On MyMixtapez (short version): There are 3 ways to upload your mixtape on MyMixtapez: Pay to get your mixtape featured on MyMixtapez Network with the staff of MyMixtapez Build your brand and have them come to you How To Get Your Mixtape On MyMixtapez (video): What is MyMixtapez? MyMixtapez is […]

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3 Tips For When To Release A Mixtape

3 Tips For When To Release Your Mixtape

A mixtape is a pretty big part of your career, right? You put in all this hard work, you’ve been hustling, and now you get to put together that special project and give it off to the world. The thing about a mixtape is that sometimes you don’t need a mixtape. A lot of artists release […]

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Don’t Be Afraid To Work Less As A Hip-Hop Artist

Dont Be Afraid To Work Less

We all have dreams. They’re easy to create in our head and after time, we get excited just by thinking about them. These dreams help create that “hunger” inside of you. But, that “hunger” usually comes with a side of “by any means necessary”. While that’s usually looked at as a good thing, It’s probably holding […]

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10 Tips For Using Twitter Better As A Hip-Hop Artist

10 tips for using twitter better as a hip hop artist

Watch The Video: In 2016, Twitter is still one of the biggest social media platforms in the market and for good reason. It’s one of the few platforms that allow you to communicate with anyone, no matter if you’ve “connected” with them or not. It’s basically one big chat room with different channels. Now, one […]

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