how to set goals as a rapper that make you successful

How To Set Goals As A Rapper That Make You Successful

I bet you didn’t think you’d be setting goals when you decided to become a rapper. That’s ok, most don’t. But, most rappers never become successful. So, let’s make sure you’re using the strategies that successful rappers use. Goals are one of the few things you can do as a rapper that can guarantee your…

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how to build relationships with hip hop bloggers

How To Build Relationships With Hip Hop Bloggers

  Building relationships with Hip Hop bloggers will be important throughout your entire music career. They’ll help get you in front of your target audience, as well as add credibility to your brand. As you become a bigger artist and begin to build a team, you will assign this job to someone else, like a…

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How to get your music on hip hop blogs

How To Get Your Music On Hip Hop Blogs

As a hip-hop artist, just making music and putting it out there for the world is not enough anymore. Technology has made it easy for anyone to purchase the basic equipment and become a rapper. Not only has this made promoting your music more difficult, it’s made getting your music featured in hip-hop blogs like…

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the biggest lie rappers are told in hip hop

The Biggest Lie Rappers Are Told In Hip Hop

I can feel the clouds of controversy slowly gathering around this blog post as I write it. As an upcoming Hip Hop music artist, you’ll hear this “advice” all the time from people in the industry when looking for music promotion tips or music business advice. I’m not sure why they consistently give artist this “advice” when,…

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how to really grow you fanbase like a boss at your show

How To Really Grow Your Fanbase Like A Boss At Your Show

  A big problem I see upcoming Hip Hop artist make when performing live has nothing to do with their stage performance, music selection, or image. The mistake I see upcoming Hip Hop artist make is thinking that a good performance, good music selection, or “raw” clothes is going to make people become loyal fans and…

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