How To Promote Your Music On YouTube in 2017

Here’s how to promote your music and get fans on YouTube in 2017


Hey what’s going on guys, it’s Darius from I was just thinking of this marketing strategy that you can use if you were trying to get more fans off YouTube. So it’s kind of like a how to promote your music on YouTube part 2. Basically I’m going to make it kind of short for you guys and kind of straightforward. So what you would do is find vloggers on YouTube. Vloggers basically document their day-to-day life – and, as I get more into this space, because I kind of want to do this for myself, just personal, separate from me giving advice, like music advice or whatnot.

One of the problems that they have is that finding music for their vlog is time-consuming. So it’s harder for them to find music that’s not already copyrighted and puts a block on their YouTube videos if they try to monetize. And it’s just a hassle to try and find good music.

So what I would do is look on YouTube for vloggers, and then see which vloggers use music that’s similar to whatever genre you’re in. So if you’re doing hip-hop, which I kind of talk about mainly here, is look for people who have rap and hip-hop in their vlogs and then hit them up. Say, ‘Hey, checking out your vlogs, love your vlogs, I love this episode…’ Make sure you show them that you put some effort in and have actually seen their content. Then say, ‘I’m not sure if you’re like other vloggers, and finding music is tiresome for you. I have some music that sounds similar to some of the music you’ve used previously. Here’s a SoundCloud link, or here’s two SoundCloud links. If you like this let me know and I can send over an mp3 or WAV file, and I also have more if you need some. Thanks.’

If you can hit them up with something simple like that, if your music is good, and it’s a good fit for them, they’ll probably use it. Now one thing you want to do with this whole strategy is make sure that you’re contacting vloggers who not only use music similar to yours, but you want to make sure that they also have an audience that’s similar to the target audience that you’re trying to target. Your potential fans, you want to make sure that they actually watch this person. Because you don’t want to send music to a person who uses hip-hop, but their audience doesn’t care about hip-hop. They’re not interested in finding new music, they’re not interested in hip-hop in general.

So you will see those anomalies where the vlogger uses hip-hop and the audience is more of a pop-ish type of audience. The way you can figure that out is by looking through the comments. You’re going to find trolls and stuff all through the comments, but just look and try to see if you can get an idea of who these people are. If you know your potential fans like you should know them then you’ll be able to say, ‘These are kind of close, or not close, they’re spot-on, or whatever.’ And then you just need to make a judgement call if it’s worth it. In most cases that’s all you really have to do, just send them a simple YouTube message or find their email and email them, then it’s worth it.

So that’s just one tip that was on the top of my head and I was like, ‘Yeah, I should probably just say that.’ In a way it’s like influencer marketing because you can do it on any platform and it works. You just kind of need to find that leverage of how to add value to whoever that person is. But guys please thumbs up the video, subscribe, and if you have any questions leave a comment below. Until next time, I’m out.

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