7 Ways to Promote Your Music on YouTube

Instead of giving you a 10,000-word blog post that contains all the typical music promotion tips and tricks, I’m going to quickly run through the typical stuff and then at the end I’m gonna give you what I feel is one of the biggest tips that you rarely see being discussed for promoting your music on YouTube.

So, let’s get to it.

Have a Professional YouTube Channel

You want to make sure that you have a professional YouTube channel. It makes you look more official, more legit, more real, and it helps you gain more subscribers. To make sure your YouTube channel looks professional, we’ve listed a few areas you should optimize:

  • Your profile photo / Avatar
  • Your channel’s banner
  • Playlist to help organize your content
  • Links to your other platforms (like your website) and social media

Upload Consistently

When you’re uploading videos, be consistent. That sets a schedule for you and helps you get more subscribers & fans. They’ll know that you’re going to post something on this day, or know you’re usually posting one or two videos a week or every two weeks. Then when they go to your channel, they’ll easily be able to tell if your channel is active

Network With Other YouTubers

Network with YouTubers. You can network by leaving comments on their channel or videos. If you know their social media, you can reach out that way. You can also send them a direct message on YouTube. It’s super simple, you just go to their page and then send them a message. There’s not much to it. Networking will help you gain new opportunities and expand your reach.

Use YouTube SEO

By utilizing YouTube’s SEO, you can increase your views and improve your chances of getting new fans.

So what is SEO? It stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. To simplify it, it’s basically using phrases and words that people search for. For example, if you dropped a new track, what would people search for if they were looking for your song. Would they search for your name and then the song? Would they search for just a song name? Is there any way for people confused your song with something else?

If you made a song called ‘Law and Order’, most likely if somebody searches ‘Law and Order’ they would find the TV show. They wouldn’t find you.

Side Note: SEO can help you with making songs in general. You don’t want to create a song and name it the same thing as something that’s more popular than you. That’s going to make it harder for fans to find your music.

Here are a few things to help you take advantage of SEO on YouTube:

  • Have a title that resembles what people are searching for, when looking for this video
  • Create a description that better describes what the video is about
  • Use tags that also help further describe what your video is about

Take Advantage of Trends

I’m gonna keep this short too because trends are just that. It’s self-explanatory. If you made a song about Pokemon Go right now, you might have a lot of views on that song. If you made a song about Donald Trump, now might have been a good time to do it. Take advantage of trends that match your style, music, and what you stand for because you can get a nice boost of views and grow your fan base just off of one trendy video.

Use Your Analytics

The last “typical” tip that I’m gonna cover in this video involves using your analytics. Your analytics will show you who’s viewing your video, where they’re viewing it from, how long they’re watching, the demographics, and more. Use that to figure out which songs or videos of yours are most demanded, and then try to make more content similar to that.

Utilize The Music Channels on YouTube

Let me tell you about the huge tip that I wanted to share. A lot of artists don’t utilize the music channels on YouTube. There are music channels that post music of similar artists.

For example, if you sound like Tupac and you’re like; “Hey, how do I get more fans or how do I reach a bigger fan base?”. Look on YouTube for channels that are Tupac related or Tupac oriented. They might post Tupac’s music, some old skool music, and possibly even west coast music.

Look for those type of channels because if they’re posting similar music and people are subscribing, it’s a great way to get exposure to your target fanbase. What you should do is contact those channels and ask if you can partner or pay to get uploaded. Negotiate and create a win-win situation.

Anyway, that is how to promote your music on YouTube. It’s not difficult to gain exposure on YouTube as long as you’re doing the basics and being patient. However, I hope the tips listed above help you speed up the results from your music promotion efforts. If you have any questions, please, leave a comment below.

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  1. Does compositional skill ever enter into the equation or does style always count more than substance? We live in a gilded age.

  2. your information is helpful but i do not know how i can pay direct to you tube and permote song,i do not need any middleman for permotion

  3. Nice but i want to do real music like real stuff i thought you guys were seriouse i thought you guys wanted to make kids like me’s dreams come true but this is just a scam I’m just a 12 year old black little girl from Africa who loves to sing,dance and rap but😞 i guess people like u guys do these domb stuff thanx a lot😒😔

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  5. I’ve had a youtube channel for about 2 years promoting a tribute to Elvis song I released in 1977 when he died. I’ll health meant I couldn’t service it as I should have.. Ive now included on that channel my original gospel songs is this a mistake should I have started a new dedicated channel for gospel

  6. I am not going to be able to write a 1000 songs a year I can’t find where my music belows and I don’t change to be trending my music is a peice of me so I may not win the you tube game I have more views than half of the undiscovered fender artist someone listen to something every day but only 9 subscribers makes no sense to me

  7. Hi, I enjoyed reading your comments on promoting my environmental music on Your Tube. Can you offer some
    additional tips on how to expand this promotion on Your Tube. I am a newbie at this so I really appreciate any advice! Thanks…..


  8. Hi, I was reading your comments on how to promote my environmental tracks called “Earth.” I posted one of my tracks, “Rain forest Fantasy” on Your Tube then posted the link on my face book page. After doing that, I noticed that views went up nicely over a 2 month period. Although I I now have a “subscription” button on my Your Tube video, I have zero subscriptions. How can I change that? I would sincerely appreciate any comments you might have on this issue. Thank you for your time and effort in this matter. Take care….

    Mike M


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