Strategy For Promoting Your Music in 2017

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Hey what’s going on guys, it’s Darius from and I’m currently in my home gym so it’s a little different from the normal me in my room-type videos. But I was scrolling on Instagram and I found this little comedic skit or video or whatever. It was pretty funny it was like, ‘Give your ex a gift on Valentine’s Day’, or something like that, and the dude gave her a grenade and the building blew up, and he went outside and started posing.

The video was cool, but I got to thinking about how a lot of artists are putting their music, or pitching the music for these skits. And it might not even be the artist doing it, it could just be the people doing these comedic skits – they find these songs and then they do these comedic skits based off the songs. Whatever it is, if it’s the artist pitching it, or if it’s the comedian just finding these songs and then doing it, that’s a super cool way to promote your music indirectly.

And it gives it a little bit of association because if the video is cool, and the video is funny, and it’s shareable, and it goes viral, your song gets associated with that, which adds a bit of leverage to your song. For me, I only know Lil Yachty because of the, ‘I know you want this for life, taking pictures…’ and I only know that because of the video where, I don’t know the dude’s name, but he did the little comedic skit with the girl and kicked her out or whatnot, and threw a condom at her forehead or something. I only know of that song because of that. And I only know Lil Yachty because of that song.

So a lot of artists should be taking advantage of that. One way you can do it – and it’s not easy either, it’s not something that you can just go to the studio and make, it’s not like you can just go and knock this out today. Because it’s going to take time to make the skit. It’s going to take time to think of something that will actually be, that has a viral nature to it. I personally don’t think you’ll get it on your first try. I think if you make one of these, you’ll probably end up having to make five to ten of them before you get something that travels further. But I don’t know, you may just have comedy as your thing, thinking of these skits might just work for you.

So what I would recommend doing is, I would recommend is that you create or find the best 30-45 seconds of one of your best songs that is catchy, and that has a phrase in it that could fit a comedic skit. Then, I would go look for any of the people who’ve done those comedic skits that already have a fan base. And I would one, pitch them, because they already have an audience or whatnot, and if they do make a skit to it, it not only makes your song cool, it gives you an already built-in audience. Also, if you think of a good skit, I would just have your friends, like hire your friends to help you create that skit, and then just put it up.

And usually these skits are associated with things like giving your ex a gift on Valentine’s Day, or when your Momma tells you to take the chicken out of the freezer and she on the way home and you haven’t taken the chicken out of the freezer. Just little things like that, that are funny and a lot of people can relate to. Just having some type of association where it has that meme, the viral nature of a meme, but it’s in that video form, and you just have your song in there for association. So people hear that song – some people are not going to like the song, some people are not even going to pay the song any attention. But the thing is, that song is there so everytime they watch that video they hear that song and they’re like, ‘Yo, what song is this, either I like it, I don’t like it,’ or whatever the case is, but it’s there. And it’s always going to be in somebody’s head.

Some of my friends are way more hip on the underground music scene. Like my dude Kirk is way more hip on the underground scene than I am and I’ll be like ‘Yo this video is crazy,’ and he’ll be like, ‘Yeah so-and-so, they popping off right now, they blowing up.’ And I’m like, ‘Who the hell is…’

Anway, that’s just something that popped into my head and, a lot of times, the best ideas come from when you’re just doing normal stuff day-to-day and you’ll just be like, ‘Oh shit, that would be awesome.’

So, yeah, if you guys have any questions, let me know your thoughts on this. I haven’t personally done this strategy so I can’t say it’s easy, it’s really effective because I don’t know how easy it is to do it really. I mean, it doesn’t seem that hard, you just gotta have that comedic nature and you’ve gotta be kind of funny or entertaining, and you just put your song in there. So it’s not that hard but I don’t know the distribution part of it, I don’t know how difficult it is to get a video like that to go viral.

I got ideas on how you can do it, I mean, you can always do the pay for a shout out method. Like how you would go on Instagram and find someone with a lot of followers who are actually engaged but instead of them shouting out your page or whatnot, you tell them to post this video. And because they posted it somebody else might find it funny and then post it, and you get that whole little cycle going. That’s one way I think you can distribute it and get it to go viral but yeah guys, just let me know your opinions on this

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  1. that way is good but mostly strategised for international creep can it work for the local artists example from Kenya?? would like to know

  2. I have to make one now man I was thinking of this idea for a while now, and I thought of it right before I read this article so that is the way???????????? thanks bro great article!

  3. Sounds like a good strategy to me, bout to get busy…I’ll shoot you the link when its done….thanks for all the info….I’m trusting, believing, and attracting heavy things in the 17


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