What is Music / Artist Management?

Artist Management is the Act of Managing an Artist

Their job is to help the artist manage their career and grow. If you look at it from a corporate organization structure, they’d be the head of operations. Although their day to day tasks may change, their main role is to keep the artist moving forward. So, if there’s no booking agent, publicist, social media manager, and etc. – a music manager will be assisting in those areas until there’s someone on the team that handles those tasks.

For example, let’s say an artist is currently working on a song and wants to get Waka Flocka Flame on a song. If the artist has a manager, he’d most likely give that task to his manager. The manager would then call up Waka’s camp/people and get the information necessary to make that happen.

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A Music Manager Has No Specific Task

The list of duties that someone in artist management will have is endless. There’s no one specific task for a music manager. As long as they’re keeping the career of the artist moving forward, they’re playing their role.

So, the role of a music manager may include going to a few music studios to test out sound quality and network with the engineer, contacting promoters in an attempt to secure more gigs, or helping you promote your music so that you can build a bigger fanbase.

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Artist management is the process in which the manager helps an artist connect the dots between what they want to do and the processes or people necessary to make it happen.

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