Artist Management

How To Manage A Rapper

Managing a rapper is a tough task. Every rapper is different, and, because of that, there’s no universal way to do it right. This why having a good music manager is so important. The good managers can tailor their approach based on the rapper they’re representing. Allowing them to navigate the industry and have some …

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How To Become A Music Manager

I’ve received a lot of emails from readers asking how to become a music manager. And as you can expect, that’s a big question to answer. However, in this post, I’m going to give you several tips that will help you become a successful music manager. Requirements For Becoming A Music Manager: Before I get …

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What is Music / Artist Management?

Artist Management is the Act of Managing an Artist Their job is to help the artist manage their career and grow. If you look at it from a corporate organization structure, they’d be the head of operations. Although their day to day tasks may change, their main role is to keep the artist moving forward. …

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