how to buy beats online

How To Buy Beats Online in 2017

In today’s world, you mainly promote your music online, interact with fans online, and grow your music career online – so, it’s only right that purchasing beats and instrumentals for your tracks have followed the same path. Buying beats used to be a lot more complicated than it is today. You’d have to book a…

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how to make money as an upcoming hip-hop artist

How To Make Money As An Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist

Aside from questions related to music promotion and artist development, “How do I make money as an upcoming hip-hop artist?” is one of the most popular music business questions I get asked. And, for good reason. As an upcoming rapper, you’re days probably consist of working a job that you don’t like for little money. Then, once…

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how to check if your rap name is already trademarked

How To Check If Your Rap Name is Already Trademarked

I was chatting with an artist recently via email recently and he said something that led me to create this post.  He had recently checked out the article about the mistakes that most rappers make and decided to share where he was at in his music career. In one of our emails, he replied: “I do…

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