Artist Development is a big part of becoming a successful hip-hop artist. A lot of upcoming rappers are so focused on creating music that they forget to develop themselves into superstars. Creating good music is only part of the equation.

Initially, developing an artist was the responsibility of the labels and the A&R rep that “discovered” you. However, in today’s world, the responsibility of artist development is the hands of the artist themselves and their “camp” – and if done correctly, is very profitable.

What is Artist Development?

Artist development is the process in which you help an artist positively shape their career for both the immediate future and long-term.

Depending on how far along in your music career you are, this process might sound a lot like what your manager does – and it should. Before you have a team of people who specialize in different aspects of your career that will help develop you and your career, your manager (or you) will fill this position overall. Artist development will help a lot with music promotion.

How To Develop Yourself As A Rapper

Devloping yourself as a rapper is not as simple as just creating a home recording studio and recording music all day (although it helps). There’s a pretty big learning curve and it takes a long time before you develop into the artists that you’ve always dreamed you’d be. But, as long as you’re consistently working on developing yourself, you’ll continue to see improvements over time. Take a look below at some of our tips for developing yourself as a hip-hop artist.

Artist Development Tips:

Tips On How To Become A Successful Hip-Hop Artist

Mistakes Made By Independent Rappers

Being Professional in Hip-Hop

Tips On How To Become A Professional Hip-Hop Artis

Networking in Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop Networking Tips

Networking with Successful Rappers

Productivity in Hip-Hop

Don’t Be Afraid To Work Less As A Hip-Hop Artist

Team Building in Hip-Hop

When To Find A Music Manager

How To Network If You Dont Have A Local Music Scene

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