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How To Connect & Work With Any Successful Rapper


This blog post will be pretty short compared to the ones that I usually write for a few reasons. I’m pretty curious to see if you all like short (less detailed) post better than my longer (more detailed) post. Please leave a comment at the end of this post letting me know which type of post helps you better, or if you’d prefer video over these blog post. Thanks!

How To Connect & Work With Any Successful Rapper

I initially wrote this on Reddit to help out a music producer who was looking for ways to spread their music, but it works for hip hop artist as well.

As you already know, working with any successful/famous artist is extremely difficult if you’re not in their inner circle or have an inside connection. What I’m going to tell you today is a marketing “secret” that most marketing agencies will charge you hundreds to thousands of dollars for. During my years of hanging around famous and successful artist, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone publicly give this information away.

But, it works….I know, because I’ve used it before.

Here’s The Plan:

1. Find a successful artist that you would like to work with

It’s best to find an artist whose music you enjoy and feel you could compliment well. Don’t choose an artist solely because they could help you make a lot of money or make you famous. This won’t end well for you if you do.

2. Look at what artist/producers they’ve signed or consistently work with

You want to look at what artist or producers they’ve signed or consistently work with that is less popular than them. Usually, less popular artist and producers are easier to reach and connect with.

3. Connect with the less popular artist or producer

Only connect with the artist or producer if you feel that you would enjoy working with them. It could take some time before this strategy works and you want to be able to help the artist/producer move further along in their music career. Helping people you don’t like is not the way to go.

4. Make good music with them

Make good music with the artist or producer. Remember that your main priority is the fans, don’t sacrifice good music for the opportunity to work with anyone.

So, if the less popular artist or producer is hanging with the popular artist that you want to connect with, odds are they’re going to share new music with each other to get feedback. This is where things get very interesting.

If your music and style is good and unique, the popular artist you want to work with start getting curious about you. This could take more than 1 song and could go on for months, but if you’re consistently making good music with the less popular artist/producer, the popular artist is probably going to reach out to you.


Yep! I’ve not only used this technique myself, I’ve also seen it done by others. Like I said in the beginning, I don’t think I’ve ever heard this publicly mentioned so, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.

How Do You Feel About This Technique?

Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are about this technique? Have you ever heard of anyone doing this or tried it yourself? Let me know!

  • I’d like to work with NBA youngboy nle choppa and post Malone because I listen to the music on daily just to get through the day I’d like my voice to be heard I’m not chasing Fame juice wrld and xxxtentacion or a big role model and influence in my life I relate to a lot of the music they right I would just like an opportunity to become something out of nothing

  • I‘m whatever I feel like the music brings up into my head. Not just me everyone went through a lot… my luck was that I had the opportunity to travel the world in a young age and learn cultures. I can relate from Young Thug, Lil Wayne to XXXTentacion and Slump God to Drake and Nipsey Hussel. Hopefully I get the opportunity, because in the end of the day I just want to make music for the people. Thanks for reading this long comment and take care if you’re sirious about your dreams

    • I’m drunk and tired of the fact that all my people know me as the drunk friend I have ideas and I wanna make it… please

  • I luv NBA Youngboy favorite rapper listen to his music everyday like today non stop Ik his music by heart and I luv to rap I just need a lil help Ik
    I’m a girl but I wanna be a rapper

  • i Love Lil baby and Roddy Rich and Migos i have the skills to rap and stuff but i just need some help to strengthen those skills.

  • Hello guys, I’m an Rapper/music artist Versatile with all I write the verses and chorus because I haven’t got the best singing voice, I’d like to work with people that can flow and vibe of my lyrics and share my vision I’ve been writing for 5 years I’ve got amazing feedback, and I’ve been hiding, so if there’s any producers out there hit me up, [email protected]

  • I enjoy listening to j cole…I have money i just need to get the info so i can have him do a performance in my City

  • I make beats as a producer and I found an artist that would sound crazy good on one of my beats but I don’t know how to get a hold of him I’ve dm him commented and everything he’s not famous but he does have a really good amount of fans so I feel like it should be easy for him to see it what should I do to get a hold of him

  • My Son’s 10th yr anniversary of his Death is FAST approaching (4/8/19)

  • I would love to dance in a hip hop video. Always been my dream! I just don’t know how to reach out. I’m a cute little blonde with an amazing personality! I love to dance (especially to hip hop) im awesome at moving my hips and dropping low ;) Any help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!!

  • Hey I’m Dillan,rapper name Yung Diligent.I’m currently 17 and want to become big.I need help though because I don’t have equipment but I do have talent.If someone wants to collab,follow me on my new insta account and dm me.Thanks

    • Hey. I’m just starting out (not as a rapper, but as a songwriter). If you need a beat or something I’m sure we can work something out. I also know very basic vocal mixing techniques. If you need a beat or something I’m sure we can work something out if you’d like. I’m currently in Ableton Live 9. What’s your Instagram name?

  • Hello, my name is Greg Howard, aka Kool-aid. I’m an underdog, unknown person who loves music and have been making beats for about 12 years. I just like to meet with a artist/ producer to critique my music to see if I have what it takes to make it in the music industry.

  • What up this yourboy amoe i Am a rapper an i Am trying to reach out to jt independent game I got sum to bring to the table I just need a chance to show my ass money game

    • Hey there what style of rap do you make?? I make beats. DM me on Instagram jbledsmusic maybe we can connect

  • Hello my name is Sheila A. Crump and I found what you have shared a very impressive information. Now all I need to do is found myself a less artist/producer.
    But this technique sounds good.

  • I”m an older big white man producer…managed some rap groups…really “retired” and out of the biz although mentor a lot…This technique is spot on and does work…seen it happen many times..not hustlng anything just throwing positive vibes your way on the post…Paul
    (stagemight4u) gmail . com

  • Hy i want to sing gat great unrecorded songs but i need to connect i dont know d right people who can help

  • yea i’ve done this in the past and am currently in the process of doing it, i havnt been able to connect with any major artists yet but definitely artists on a smaller scale , and its definitely alot easier

  • The shorter post is the best for me. As an underground hip hop/rapper artist I think these posts will help me to step on another stage, I appreciate man.

    Real name: Mziwakhe.

    Stage name:Mgabisto-The-Hustlet

    Email: [email protected]

  • hey man am papa am a rapper /saxophonist am trying to build a following can u help me with some advice on how to do that

  • Hey wats good gee my name lil Pookie I rap with ENT Music man we work hard in the studio we get out that bih at 7 in the morning sometimes u heard trying to get it but the only problem is getting good folks to support our music

  • This is a smart Idea !! Thanks man , sharing tips like this God will truly bless your works , muchly appreciated !!

  • Really good post hommie…I think people would like shorter post because this is the microwave generation. However, there must be some caution given because, like all things it takes time to achieve a ‘total’ success. . The most important thing tho is to a strategy. You dropping good game, helping cats develop strategy. Thanks for the blessings!

    • Me too. Boosie a father figure. Grew up witout one and he the real estate sooooooo. . . Plus wat u think about a red head white dude named Opie who can spit? Freal Freal

  • Hey man, both long and short articles are what’s up. I like both, more descriptive more impact if you feel me. I’m a rapper myself and I find your articles have a lot of goo shit in them including this one. Definitely going to employ these tactics to my arsenal of tricks. Thanks Darius, you the man. Jordan of BRMG

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