Important Tips On How To Become A Successful Rapper

Becoming a successful rapper or music artist is one of those “dream jobs” that everyone believes they can get but most people have no idea how to do so.

In order to become a successful rapper, you need a lot of moving parts to work together. These moving parts include areas such as music creation, networking, marketing, finances, operations, and more.

When looking at all of these moving parts from a high-level view, they can get overwhelming. However, once you start diving into each area – you’ll see that, while not easy, each area is fairly simple.

Despite the simplicity, a lot of upcoming music artists lack the education and “know-how” for becoming successful.

They typically go to the recording studio, create a song, and broadcast it on social media several times per day. This cycle usually repeats itself until the artist runs out of money or burns out.

Instead, most music artists should focus on learning and educating themselves about the different moving parts involved with becoming a successful music artist.

Becoming a rapper, singer, or a music artist in any other genre is just like starting a business.

You wouldn’t start building houses if you didn’t know anything about construction. So why would you start a music career when you don’t know anything about the music industry?

So, in this post, I’m going to give you a few tips that I think will help you on your journey to becoming a successful music artist.

Create Good Music For Your Target Audience

Create Good Music For Your Target Audience

While I’m not a big fan of telling artists to just focus on making good music if they want to be successful – making good music for your target audience is a top priority.

Now, when I say emotionally connect with fans, I don’t mean you have to make them cry or feel happy. There are a lot of different emotions that you can make the listener feel.

Some of the emotions you can make the listener feel through music include:

  • Excitement
  • Confidence
  • Anger
  • Envy
  • Motivation
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Trust

Regardless of what emotions you’d like to make the listeners feel, you need to study your target audience to get an idea of what emotions your target audience is looking to receive.

If your target audience is, on average, joyful and positive – it will be a lot easier to make them feel more joyful and positive than it would be to make them feel sad and depressed.

Things to learn about your target audience

  • How old are they?
  • Are the majority of your fans men or woman?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Do they use slang often? If so, what words or phrases are most popular?
  • Do they (on average) have a similar problem that you can help them solve? (for example, maybe most of your target audience has a problem getting jobs after college)

And, the list doesn’t stop there. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to connect with them.

You’ll know all the right things to say that they can relate to and, overall, be able to give them a feeling that they won’t forget when listening to your music.

Focus Your Efforts

Focus your efforts

You’re not going to be able to make music that everyone likes, it’s not possible. Not because you’re not talented or anything, but because different people have different taste in music.

Instead, you should focus your efforts on a specific target audience.

By focusing your efforts on a specific target audience, it makes it easier for you to make good music, tailor your interest, and perfect your image.

You want to become the number one music artist for that specific audience.

By becoming the number one music artist for that audience, you will not only be able to build a fan base full of loyal supporters but you will also be able to capture the attention of a broader audience.

However, make sure to carefully think about the target audience you plan on targeting. You do not want to jump from one target audience to another (unless they are very similar with only small changes between the two).

Jumping from one audience to another can severely hurt you brand if not done with a smooth transition and enough space between the transition. When done incorrectly, it can make you look desperate for attention and like you have no idea what you’re doing.

Once time passes, if you feel that the audience you’re targeting isn’t a good fit for you and your music after all – rebrand yourself and your music, then go after a different audience.

Have Goals

make sure you have goals

Goals are one of the harder areas for upcoming music artists to master. Not because setting goals are difficult, but because you have to make a decision on what you really want.

A lot of music artists have several different goals that they’re trying to achieve at one time. This leads them to do 50% of the work for Goal A and then 50% of the work for Goal B. So, instead of being 100% done with Goal A or B – they’re now halfway done with two goals.

Goals are meant to give you direction and purpose. Without them, you’re stuck doing stuff until something major happens or you burn out.

So, before you start buying home recording studio equipment, recording your music, and marketing yourself – create goals.

I’m not sure why this isn’t talked about as much when trying to become a successful music artist, but it’s all a part of artist development.

To get started with setting goals, I recommend you “reverse engineer” your goals or work backwards.

I talk about this strategy in the “How To Set Goals As A Rapper” post but will give you an overview on how you should set your goals here

Figure out what you’d like to achieve and in what time-frame.

Are you looking to build a bigger fan base this year?

Make money from your music?

Create more songs?

Regardless of what your goals are, the process I recommend you follow goes like this:

Create A Yearly Goal

Your yearly goal should be a milestone/accomplishment that you’d like to hit within 12 months. This goal should also be one that will drastically change your life for the better.

With a life-expectancy of about 71 on average across the world (6 or 7 more years if you’re in the USA), and if we assume you started setting yearly goals at age 21, you’ll only be able to set 50 (57 if you’re in the USA) of these yearly goals before you die.

You only have 50 chances to make your life drastically better than the previous year.

Please don’t waste this goal.

Create Monthly Goals

Once you’ve set your yearly goals, it’s relatively simple to create your monthly goals.

You should dissect your yearly goal into 12 different steps or milestones that, when completed, will accomplish your yearly goal. These steps/milestones will become your monthly goals.

You will have to place these steps/milestones in an order that makes sense for your yearly goal, but every month should be a new step/milestone that you dissected from your yearly goal.

Create Weekly Goals

When creating weekly goals, you’re going to follow the same process as creating monthly goals. The only difference is that instead of dissecting your monthly goal into 12 different steps/milestones, you’re going to dissect it into 4 different steps/milestones.

The reason we’re dissecting our monthly goal into 4 different steps/milestones is that there are only 4 weeks in a month.

Example Goal via Reverse Engineering

Let’s say that your yearly goal was to make enough money from music that would allow you to focus on it full-time. We’re also going to assume that $30,000 per year would be the minimum amount you’d need to live.

Based on that information, your yearly goal is to make $30,000.

Now that we know what your yearly goal is, we can create the month goals. Like I said above, to create your monthly goal – we have to dissect your yearly goal into 12 different steps/milestones.

$30,000 divided by 12 is $2,500.

Based on our calculation above, your monthly goal should be to make $2500 per month.

Now that we know what your monthly goal is, we can create your weekly goal. Like I said above, to create your weekly goal – we have to dissect your monthly goal into 4 different steps/milestones.

$2,500 divided by 4 is $625 per week.

In order to hit your yearly goal and focus on music full-time – your weekly goal is to make $625 per week.

You could go into more detail and create daily goals but, to keep this simple, we’re going not going to focus on those.

However, you have to figure out how to make $625 per week.

Maybe you already have 200 true fans that support most things you do. In order to hit $625 per week – you’d need at least $3.13 per week (or $12.50 per month) from each of those true fans in order to hit your yearly goal.

Maybe you already have thousands of fans that like listening to your music. In order to hit $625 per week – you’d need 85,035 streams per week (12,148 per day) from Apple Music (based on 2016 streaming data).

You see, while in no way is it easy, it’s very simple. By creating these goals, it will give you direction and help you focus.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

improve your social media presence
Social media is an area that most people, regardless if you’re a music artist or not, can improve on (including myself).

A lot of upcoming music artists have several different social media accounts that haven’t been updated in a month, full of spam from promoting the same music every few hours, or filled with a lot of memes and irrelevant photos/videos.

It’s extremely easy for your social media platforms to get out of control. One minute you’re posting content daily, the next minute you realize that you haven’t posted anything in weeks and spent all of your time liking photos from fitness models and celebrities.

If you find yourself doing the above or simply not posting consistently, you may need to reduce the number of social media platforms you use.

This may sound counter-intuitive. You may be thinking “Shouldn’t I be on as many platforms as possible so that I have a better chance of getting fans?” – but the answer is no.

It’s much better to have a good looking brand on 1-2 social platforms than it is to have a lackluster brand on 10 different social platforms.

By having a good looking brand on 1-2 social platforms, as your engagement and followers increase – it will make transitioning into an additional social platform much easier.

So, how do you decide which social media platforms to use?

Figure out which platform will allow you to reach and connect with your target audience the quickest or cheapest (depending on if you have more time than money or vice-versa).

Now, I recommend you start with 2-3 social media platforms.

But Darius, you just said that I should focus on 1 or 2 social platforms? Yea, I know. But the reason I’m saying to start with 2-3 of the social platforms above is that they will serve 2 different purposes.

One of the social media platforms will be used as a “profile”. What I mean by this is that the “profile” platform will be used to display you as a person/music artist. It allows potential fans to not only get to know you better but also engage with you.

Social media platforms I recommend using for a “profile” (choose one to start):

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook

The other social media platform will be used for “artist discovery”. What I mean by this is that the “artist discovery” platform’s main job will be to build your audience.

These types of platforms usually have a high percentage of users searching for new content or a relatively higher probability of content going viral.

Social media platforms I recommend using for “artist discovery” include (choose one to start):

  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music (Playlists)

Now, I’m a big fan of using YouTube as a starter “artist discovery” platform. It’s free, is the 2nd biggest search engine online (meaning more people search YouTube than almost anywhere else – except Google), and since it has similar features as a “profile” platform – you can get extra benefits from it.

However, you’re free to choose whatever “artist discovery” platform you feel will best help you.

Have A Website

make sure you have a website

Every rapper/music artist should have a website that showcases their music and brand.

Your website is the only property on the internet that you actually own. It’s your headquarters – it will allow you to take your marketing to the next level.

After installing analytics software like Google Analytics –
you’ll be able to track everyone who views your website and determine how they got to your website, their age, location, and so much more.

And, once you start incorporating paid advertising and remarketing into your marketing strategy, that data will come in hand.

If you don’t already have a website, you can learn how to create a music website here.

Network With Influential People

network with influential people

Networking is one of the most important things in the music industry. Regardless of what stage you’re currently at in your music career, you should be networking. The opportunities that become available due to being in the right circles are incredible.

Networking with the right people will put you on the fast path to success.

You should attend as many events (both local and national) as possible and spark up conversations with as many people as possible. While networking online is great and can yield some of the same results – there’s something about putting a face to an internet profile that makes in-person networking a lot more effective.

If you can’t attend a lot of events due to age, transportation, or whatever – prioritize internet networking. Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy to spark up a conversation with anyone.

Also, make sure you’re always on the giving side of the relationship.

The more you’re able to help someone – the more likely they are to look out for you and send opportunities or new contacts your way.

Building long-term relationships are essential – and networking with a selfish intent will not help you build long-term relationships.

Learn more here: How to make connections in the music industry

Pay Attention To People, Not Stats

pay attention to people not stats

Focusing on stats instead of people is a big problem that a lot of upcoming rappers/music artists have. They’re paying attention to the wrong metrics when it comes to deciding if they’re moving forward in their music career.

Some of the metrics that music artists tend to focus on to validate their music career include:

  • “Views”
  • “Downloads”
  • “Plays”
  • “Followers”

Now, there’s nothing with paying attention to these metrics. The problem starts when you begin to value these metrics over people.

You can have 10+ million views on YouTube, 5+ million Soundcloud plays, and a combined 2+ million followers on Twitter and Instagram – but if you can’t sell tickets to a live show or move your merchandise, you’re not a successful artist – regardless of what your stats say.

However, if you focus on building a fan base for your music career that consists of real people that genuinely like and support you – you’ll be able to consistently get views, downloads, and song plays – while being able to sell-out shows and build a sustainable career.

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My Question For You:

What has been the biggest problem for you when trying to be a successful hip-hop artist? Leave a comment below and let me know. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I have had some small successes re my music which I’m grateful for however sometimes I feel like I’m not where I deserve to be I would say this is probably because of lack of knowledge not really knowing what I’m getting into

  2. Thank you for the advice!
    Just reaching out to people in general and creating good quality music is my biggest security

  3. I believe that there is no shortcut for becoming successful jn the music industry. no matter how good you are at making music now. An artist gets the well reputation and money when he has a reach to all ears and they love to listen. I give you a advise that what ever your goals are just make music and keep writing untill your heart says that’s enough.

  4. My biggest problem is how to follow a beat, till I started following the beat good at a first time in the way when I want to breath in oxygen then I will found my self out of the beat.

    • One thing I have noticed as an artist my self is that 1st you have to section your timing, if for example you take 2 seconds to breath at the end of your 1st line, also do the same for the other 3 lines. It works magic

  5. Promotions.i think I need a team,to support, promot,market ,and encourage my music.I do hardcore but realistic rap.some say rap don’t sale no more let alone deep dark rap .Some say I should change how I rap ,but I believe in being real, being yourself,and telling real life stories.aside the critics, alot of folks still tell me keep real

  6. for starters, it always occurs to them that they need a ingeniuos production that the song gets more than assumed streams or views, like they are afraid their work goes down the drains if the production is mediocre and people don’t listen to their songs.And since a rapper has to pay more attention to his style and songs and revenues, I feel finding perfect producers is very hard for rappers, as the producer needs to understand what type of song the rapper is making.This only for starters who are not able to find producers that could make their song literally top 1 on billboard !

  7. Exposure… Its Kind of odd but I have a feeling in my gut that from right here in Nigeria, Africa, I’d be the next big thing after Eminem in the rap industry.. If only I could get someone big to help promote my music, cuz hip hop isnt of much demand here in Nigeria, so even the producers here don’t know how to produce good hip hop songs in the studio.. I need help, maybe words of advice.. please hit me up…

    • yeah,I agree with you.It’s really hard to blow up as a hip hop artist in Africa but i believe nothing is impossible if you just put your heart in what you wanna be.All the best on your journey to great achievements.

    • dude , I guess a perfect producer who understands your style and all is he best person you need!basic producing won’t help!search for good producers!glad this helps

    • and also you can look for producers from some other citrate or state/town /city or whatever .if you are extremely sure you can make a hit, start learnin to produce by urself!

  8. It’s been financial challenge, as an Afro musical Artist, we got a lot good shows and fans and we even got a record label that caged us with a contract of fours years without impact. We became devastated and feeble.

    • yeah that is a hard job!if people don’t listen to the song ,u would neither get any revenue and also ur efforts go into the drains.As the article says, put urself up on each and every social media and share your song with hashtags and all !Tell your close ones and friends to share your song as much as they can and so should you.Share until u get what u admin at!glad if this helps!

  9. Well I’m 16 and school is going to shit right now and all I do is write music and sitting here hoping that I can accomplish something and your right it seems like just a big dream but to me its something else. I can just imagine how great it would be to grow some balls and actually drop a song. I’ve wrote down lyrics i have a decent album coming along and maybe i can get some advice on my songs.

    • its so apparent that you need a producer who can bring u up.Find for a producer who can help you achieve what you want !if you cant find one , start making covers or if you have made songs and are afraid to load them ,seek friends or close ones advice!also I f you love to write songs and you feel it is amazin,tell ur close ones/friends about !let them tell hoe it is Finally,if you feel u just love writing songs , aim of being a songwriter ,find a good artist!Each collaborations gets equal share of the revenue!glad this helped

  10. I think the biggest problem I had when trying to become a successful hip hop artist is promoting my music & networking but I understand a lot more now so things will be better for me

  11. This was very helpful. I still haven’t recorded my first song yet, and I thought that was all I needed to focus on, but your tips are helping me understand a little bit more about the music industry and how to make it in it. Thank you Darius.

  12. I want to do my dream I really want to be a rapper plz plz plz I want to make money plz get want I want plz plz I am telling the truth plz

    • and producer / self produce and make song and share as far as you can till you get what u want !sekk help from family/close ones if u don’t have the requirements !it occurs to many ppl they cant afford or parents just don’t want their children to to such a thing !If u are extremely sure u can become a star hip hop artist , go for it ,screw everything else !glad if this helped!

  13. Not being able to promote my songs properly for people to hear me…Is something that always kills my hope…

    • Don’t loose hope dawg just trust the process it ain’t gonna be easy but you’ll still reach the place you wanna be if you believe.

    • If people don’t like what u made ,maybe u gotta make what people like !so I guess work on that!also ,share it on every media as much and as far as u can!seek help from friends/close ones !glad if this helped!

  14. The one thing holding me back is the confidence in myself. I’ll get very motivated and work for hours on music but I can’t figure out how To record or get auto tune or what exactly to use and then I get down on myself. I believe very much in developing good habits to become a rapper and working over and over again on the basics. I have the right mentality in my head at 17 to be successful and I am a very wise and logical kid. I just don’t have much of an idea of where to start. Please give me as much feedback as you can. I want to learn.

    • Aye bro, apologies for not having an answer, but I’m going through the exact same thing. I just have a hard time figuring out how to start, buying beats or making them, either going to a studio or figuring it out your self, there is so much shit that goes into it technically as well that I don’t fully know how to do yet, but I’m with you bro

    • dude if u hate ur own voice ,let me be frank,u r not fit for it !u gotta love ur voice first,screw the ppl ,for starters it is al ways hard !find a good producer who u can cooperate with well enough!seek help form friends/close ones!u don’t need to rap in eminems voice or anything !I feel auto tuning is just to match with the beats and to make covers!Sound natural !Glad this helped!

  15. While first of all I want to thank for your informative tips. And one of the biggest problem for me to become a successful hip-hop artist is lack of audience as my country only have less number of population.

  16. My biggest problem is getting the information and steps to becoming successful, What I need to know and where do I look to find what I need to know. Also how do I know what I would need to know? If that makes sense.

    • This site is a good place to start learning as much as you can. You won’t really know what you need to know until you run into roadblocks or problems. What problems are you having right now?

      • this blog has everything to say !First,love ur voice!Second if u believe u can get what u wish for from rapping ,move to step 3.STEP3:find all requirements u need ,mic, pc confident mind a nd social media.Even a good device which has a great mic works for starters !STEP4:Find a good producer who u can collaborate with amazing well or if u cant find, learn to produce ur self or edit instrumentals form over songs or u can also start by covers !STEP5:screw what people say to bring u does, and post on all social media available and give credits to who helped you!STEP6:have trust in ur fans and have patience !STEP7:If u have got enough revenue for urself and fans(at least 500,000), start tours and a merchline !STEP8: you have done enough , collaboration with other artists and ,are EPs and albums and hit singles !Glad this helped!

  17. I’m one of the hottest female rappers from its hard bein a mom n juggle the music n mommy duties I did accomplish a lot during my career (1 of the Top 3 female rappers in the city local radio play , signed to the hottest female dj in philly opening acts) Ur knowledge was everything to me! Check me out @chok215 ig HOTCHOK on YouTube

  18. I’m one of the hottest female rappers from Philly it’s a hard juggle between bein a mom n focusing on music I was embarrassed bein a pregnant rapper until Cardi b made it ok for females love the knowledge ur providing check me out @chok215 Hot CHOK on YouTube

  19. I’ve been stressing my mind in more from people that I already have, I mean I have 451+ followers in my Facebook page but out of that I have 50+- true fans,so now I have to concentrate on increasing the 50 I have and turn the 400 into my true fans that will convince or help me reach 1 million views that will attend the show

  20. My biggest problem as an aspiring artist is i (feel like) don’t have content or enough life experience to feed the rap music but I love rap and want to commit to mastery.

  21. How should I go about releasing my first track? What’s the easiest way to get my music out there on streaming platforms?

  22. I am a huge artist where I’m from and there are many other artists in my city who are pretty big as well the problem is our city is kind of slept on and though many of us are big in the city many of us don’t have money or connections to leave and make it in the industry what is some advice you have for us if we have not much money but want to leave to make it?

    • If you’re big in your city, start making money in your city and then use that money to expand outside of your city. Start throwing events that feature just you or a combination of artists. If you’re popular in your city, this should not be difficult at all.

    • city doesn’t matter !people appreciating ur work does!lets say If u live in Canada and 10000 people from Spain listen to ur song ,that’s more than u can imagine !Artist grow if they expand their business !the other top artist may be getting fans only from ur city or state !

  23. To even start recording for reasons such as depression, etc. Also to feel like having unlimited energy to do music, while barely having energy to work or even workout. Now after studying music and reasearching stuff I understand why this fake energy was there. Cause I lost focus. You got a good point 1 year goal. I’m 21, having 50 chances which are the bigger picture. Using one of them is already part of the bigger picture which I going to reach, therefore by dividing it in 12 smaller goals, or overall 52 even smaller goals it doesn’t even seem hard. Like I am making no money right now. If my goal was to get at least 200 fans then I got 11 chances left for this year. Or rather said 10 1/2. I never figured to just use like one months goal to make money to reach the bigger picture.

    I may recommend you an artist who I just happened to understand, Bugzy Malone. I love his music and stuff cause certain things are just off my heart, but never fully figured his reference to “I see the bigger picture” and stuff like “I took small steps still”. I’ve personally been writing lyrics since late 2013, and in fact I can’t assume I wasted time cause I just pushed myself to the peak of the moment and my actual performance. Always ready to keep improving. For wrong reasons but still it’s good cause I got some foundation already.

    Thank you for revealing such simple secrets. This is less a musician guide than an general success guide, presupposed one follows the advices. It’s so simple that I ask myself why I never understood it on my own, but therefore it is literally nothing one would think about if he wasn’t specifically searching for exact this simple and still complex logic.

    • Look davs it does not matter if you are not the best okay just keep on going towards your dreams and shake the haters off… and remember to always stay positive…

  24. What song should I put out first I’m a very diverse artist with a lot of different songs. So should I put out a smooth song or like a hype song or like a hard rap song first.

  25. Well, I’m in northern Cyprus and I’m a Nigerian. And I want to become a successful rapper, swear it’s hard here, I have no money to do nothing ?

  26. I have been creating Lots of songs,I STARTED RAPPING TWO MONTHS AGO, i AM REALLY NEW, BUT THE HOOD LIKE ME AND MY RAP, I will like to get educated more and learn more.

  27. Finding A Way To Get My Music Futher Then Just YouTube And SoundCloud Want To Figure Out How To Futher My Music And Finding Management

  28. Money is my problem. I’m stuck with dead end jobs that I always get fired from for no reason within a mile of my crib cuz I ain’t got no car or license even though I’m 19. I got my own studio but I’d rather do shit professional. My other problem is gaining fans and people I know that sounds dumb. I got some fans but I’m tryna expand that.

  29. Being new to the industry and trying to figure out what direction to go in can Ben overwhelming; however I know it will be worth it in the end. These tips are beyond helpful .

  30. My biggest challenge is Networking and having very small circle.

    I struggle to go out and make new friends or fans.

    And I don’t have much of support.

    • Look I don’t have support either from my family everyone says I am not good enough. But what I will tell you is that keep on trying keep on fighting and keep on hoping.. because one day your dreams will come true

  31. Hi I’m 12 years old and I’m having trouble with writing my own lyrics and the reason I want to be a successful rapper is because I want to make my parents proud and buy them a house and I really want some balenciaga sneakers.

  32. I’ve been tryning to find a balance between work my partner and my music, I’m 22 I’ve been doing music all my life but only recently over the past 2-3 years have i properly wanted to put it in the public view,I’ve had a few of my tracks played in my local nightclub and always had a good response,my problem now is trying to network and connect with people as where I am from there is only a very small group of artists who want to make it,however they are not in my genre,I am constantly writing new material to release but their are no cheap studios around me and I don’t know anybody that could help,could you give me some advise please as I feel I am beginning to lose control of my projects

  33. I like how you’ve improve your image as a advisor keep up the great job man. I just wanna say this to my fellow musicians follow these self development article and videos just soke up the information you cant go wrong and keep in mind what you think is what you get so think about what you want ok!

    • Your fan base should start from your close friends and family members. ‘Cause this whole shit is like a string. If I know my lil’ nigga does this, certainly I’ll tell someone to try him out. If it’s good, he’ll tell his homies ‘fore you know yo’ got like 15 people waitin’ for ya to put up your next shit

  34. So, I’m barely starting this music stuff, just made the decision to change my major in college to music production. My main goal is to be a good rapper but im kind of overwhelmed with everything, not sure wether to practice on producing beats and then rapping on them or looking for locals in my area to make beats for me to rap on. Either way i need to practice, any tips or advice on starting out from the bottom bottom. By the way this article has already helped me with some insight on everything!

    • I’d recommend you figure out exactly what you’d like to do (rap or make beats) and then focus on that. It may be overwhelming for you to do both at the same time when just starting out.

      What’s your current major?

  35. I’ve been in the rap game about 10 years now & I literally have everything you need to label me as an artist. I have my own music videos, masters, recording studio, brand, social media but my biggest problem is what’s my next step to taking things to the next level which I know I need to. I recently moved to California from Alabama and I’m thinking finding a hungry agent/manager that grind for me is my next step but I’m not sure. I would really like some of your advice on what you think.

  36. I think the biggest problem for me have been not alot of songs, lack of motivation for the possible fact of not producing results, and being busy. Its a scary thing (for me anyway) to think of or picture yourself doing anything and everything possible to get to where you want to be only to come short or fail.

    • That’s definitely a valid ‘fear’ to have but you’ve got to get over that. You’re going to fail (probably more than a few times) but that’s how you learn. Don’t be afraid to fail because that’s a part of the process for success.

  37. Build a fan base okay here goes a few raw bars off the cuff
    I apologize . for killing lines. As I murder this cyhper.speak in corrupted tounges. Forbidden codes. Impossible to decipher. Super hyper. Musical lifer. Blessed with talent passion persistants an creativity. Vividly depicting pictures envisioned with lyrical imagery. Burtuly murder my closes friends in front of my enemy. Disreguard my lord an let the devil enter me.

  38. nothing should be difficult after reading this post it’s actually helpful. I myself, my album is about to be out out !! titled “Fear of God ” to Good music lovers you can halla me on +263713389795(WhatsApp or call) I’m giving it for free since I’m setting my foundation in the industry ,Guys hardworking, patience ,insight pays and knowing yourself .you don’t have to fake it be yourself in your music that’s my own opinion. I’m blood from Zimbabwe “Prosney_Clock_Mhondera” you can hook me up at all social networks or check my YouTube alc

  39. money. I got debt from cars and careless credit card spending. I know where I fucked up now but feel stuck. I work 3 jobs and cant seem to get out of this. I live in butt fuck nowhere too. would you recommend moving to a city? more venues and opportunitys for live music?

  40. The hardest part is finding that perfect producer that treats you as a friend who also fits your style of beats and everything else.

  41. i am pleased with the article.gave me an insite on what l have been lacking.problem is cant find the right audience.locals hate my music its hard for me to freestle n throwin bar am jus good wth pen

  42. The problem for me as of right now is the communication part i kind of get frozen up at times but sometimes when i put my mind into it ill eventually relax and be myself…but theres a couple things i need to defiantly work on before i step in the seen.

  43. dee jay let me down everytime they dont want to play my song and no local show going…
    music is not easy now are days
    music go for money if you av money you blow you af proper networking………..

    • Read other articles on this site and you’ll start to get an idea of what you need to do in order to get on the right track for your music career.

  44. Good article. My issue is, where I’m from no one wants no one to “shine”. Nothing but haters. Including bloggers and promoters. They don’t srperate business from their pleasures. Meaning if they are affiliated with someone whose envious & he or she gives them the word to not book/playbetc your music, they’ll do exactly that and shun you as if they don’t want to give “word of mouth” about you. Why? Because they know you will Blow. Of coarse one has to know if they are good or not but yhis modern industry is filled with fakes and snakes.

  45. I want to be a singer and rapper, but I have Epilepsy and my whole family’s worried about me haveing seizures during a concert if I ever get there. On top of that, I’m a dirt poor nobody. But I know I’m good. I just have to get there.

  46. i see,we are a few. who wants to be successfull in rapping.nothing stand in the way of success.we must go for it guys.

  47. Hello;
    Im Nate a 2 year going along “rapper” and im ‘only sixteen and studying this art as much as I can, listening to so called unknown rappers, and rappers who can give you a good start to lyrics and flow such as @Logic. I guess ill start this post with a blast from the past. I was born in Atlanta GA, and have had a life threatening past, me and my mother have almost been stabbed by a drug dealing BF of hers, and many other story’s. I have the background and the good experiences to dig through my mind for memories and words, rhymes, the works if that makes any sense. So we moved from Atlanta, to WV (drug world), to the east coast of NC, to rural Arkansas where i currently am now. My problem i think most; would be my location, i am not near anywhere that is “related” to music. The location i live in is more of a farming scene which i love equally as much as rapping in my free time. I can come up with my own beats, but don’t know how to make them physical. Like, for example on a recorder so you can actually hear them, cant pull them and create them from the image in my mind. In my heart (like everyone else im sure) i have that feeling i can be something big, but need to know what to do in order for that to happen. My lyrics IMO are golden and have barely any imperfections, and as i said im still learning everything and studying day by day on this so called art. So here are my questions that im hopeful you can answer:
    Location… i have connections to Atlanta and i go there every year, where would i start there or here in north AR to get a studio?
    The list; i usually work off of a “to do list” in order to something or accomplish a goal, is there such thing for a business like this? i guess you kind of made one yourself in this article (lol) but i am just looking for a yes/no answer.
    What to do and get started: Do i just start making YT videos and Facebook posts in order to slowly climb? will producers (or whatever) come to me or do i crawl to them?
    I have many other questions but ill ask after these are answered. Thank you in advance. BigN

  48. Hello am an upcoming rapper/r&b artist am good in both but my main problem is financial support in shooting a classic video and marketing them on social media and tv or radio station. I really got the talent to it but no sponsor.not forgetting I really appreciate your effect being like a good father to us may your blessings flow for forever.

  49. Hey hello? I am Rapper Stone DsaraD from Kenya. I have been writing lyrics and composed a lot of songs but I lack the financial support to record my songs in the big recording labels. Basically I wanted to know the effect of starting off your music career at the local industry?

  50. My son has been thinking about becoming a rapper, but I haven’t been a big fan about this idea. I’m hoping that I can convince him to go towards another career in life. He’s told me that he has his own website, and social media platforms, but I don’t know how popular his work is.

    • Hey I am just a teen and I wanted to become a rapper since I was nine my parents don’t support me but that does not stop me. Maybe try telling your son that he is doing a great job at his work and effort try helping your son be successful with his music don’t just let him down.

  51. I need help with publicity. The hardest thing for me is getting myself out there. For some reason it seems like the people who dont care about promoting there music and things like that are the people who make it out but the people actually pushing get nowhere. Advice?

  52. Being new in the game makes it very difficult and ds is my biggest challenge…most people wanna hear no new shit from upcoming rappers…nobody wanna roll wit em…how do I solve this

  53. I appreciate all of the information listed here on how to become a successful rapper. My son really wants to become one of the first big Chinese rappers and practices in his room often. I am trying to get closer to him and strengthen our relationship so maybe this knowledge will help! Thanks for the information!

  54. The hardest thing for me is drawing a larger fanbase. The few fans I have love my music but, I really wanna show the world what I’m made of.

    • Happens to me too, just write about you life, it usually works. And it’s original, because no one knows that story better than you…

  55. I’m actually doing good , I just don’t know my next step I have a Lil fan base going I’ve been working every night , investing money in myself . I literally started from the bottom & rising but I want to keep rising but idk how – I’m on YouTube – look up Jrel gigging & Ja’Rell hope&pray

  56. One of my biggest problems in pursuing the music industry was my huge lack of self-confidence that came from hating my own voice. I only recently started to overcome my fear of being known as “trash” because of positive feedback that I’ve gotten from people who have listens to my samples. Also I’m a little older and headstrong than I used to be so I won’t let anything stop me.

  57. Hi! my name is Kay Mensa. I’m an independent hip pop artiste from Ghana.I’ve been rapping for five years now but haven’t made any progress.
    I need tips on building a broad fan base as well as promoting and marketing my brand.

    • Kay Mensa you should really consider marketing your brand through Facebook advertising. You will be able to reach your target audience with accuracy and all that you will have to worry about is making a good product.

  58. The hardest thing for me is actually getting started. There’s a lot of intimidation being who I am and where I’m from. If I were to openly release a song, something input work and passion into, it’d not only get laughs, it wouldn’t even get the respect it deserved. I come from a place where you pretty much go to school, live a normal life and get a job or else you’re an outcast. I’ve been an outcast my whole life so I’m okay with this, while I’m not quick to share my passion with anyone. I write all the time, find beats daily; I’ve been doing this for a few years and I tell nobody. Not even close friends. I’ve just purchased a mic and an interface and I’m ready to begin trying to recording some of my work. I’ve been doing tons of research on recording and things of that nature. I’ve got a little at home studio set up in a corner of my room and I’m beyond excited/anxious to get started.

    Essentially the struggle is having to do this alone. The social struggle. The struggle of feeling like you are from a place where you’re not even “allowed” to pursue what you want. I feel like I’ve been told what to do my whole life, and I can’t wait to quietly pursue my own ambitions.

    This article has been extremely helpful and motivational for me. I am going to begin setting my goals ASAP.

    Thank you!

    • In the same hole so to speak as you, im sixteen and can freestyle fairly good, I have been doing this since I was fourteen so I practice aloud whenever I can. My personal problem ill post up but im in a rural area so idk what to do. I don’t even know where to start.

  59. Hey my name is Juztin aka Ju Mane and I’m a independent hiphop recording artist out of Indianapolis, in….I’ve been rapping for about 4 yrs now and I haven’t made too much progress….I just need a few tips on building a broader fan base as well promoting and marketing….any suggestions

  60. Hi Darius my name is Markus, I’m a rapper and occasional producer in Dallas Texas area, I’ve viewed all of the content you have posted about being a successful artist very thoroughly and I am still in the process of seeing more of your videos. One thing in particular I took note of was be sure to know your target audience, and I overall want to make conscious hip-hop. I want to be able to exceed Kendrick Lamar lyrically, and bring more to the table but i feel like the Dallas area is not as friendly that type of music, what would be your advice on this situation? Also I have another question i would very much like to ask you privately through email, do you think you shoot me an email so I can ask you? Thanks for the videos I, and I’m sure other up and coming artist, appreciate them very much

  61. This is a great article, I have been doing music for a while now. I know why I haven’t made yet tho. Its because I always kept music as a hobby not a career. Though I’m always told why not, and honestly I think its being lazy. I just enjoy making music, I have had over 100k downloads and datpiff on my 1st and only mix tape which magically got earsed lol. Even years ago got offered a deal by murder inc when they was still relevant but good thing I did not accept. However that goes back yo your point knowing people, that’s exactly how that happen. Basically I feel I should at least give one big real push, just have to put everything you said into play. Check me out on datpiff just type bstreetz in the search mixtape is called “The wake up call” good luck to all and shout out for this good post. Any type of callabs whether beats or anything feel free to email me at [email protected] please respect criticism though. Bstreetz aka swavy

    • Cool kid is my rap name still in my mind not yet out there
      I’ve wrote a lot off track/songs but the few that I’ve recorded ,is supposed to be hit songs but because of the studios where I’m recording at they all spoild ,so now I’m afraid of posting track that’s not in good quality ,coz people out there they first judge the quality then listen to your lyrics ,if I can find a proper studio I believe and confident that I do have a place in the music or to be specific hip hop industry, and off adding all the advice that you guys gave me
      But struggle continues coz me pushing hard will also help others to that ist happening, focus and perseverance is the way

  62. My problem is I’m not big on social media! I don’t have many followers and I’m not a picture taker like that so that is a disadvantage in this generation. What do I do about that? Also, I have little knowledge on shows and local events

    • Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone. If you have little knowledge about local shows and events, you should start going to them. The more you attend, the more familiar faces you’ll see and the more you’ll start to learn about your city.

  63. Hey darius.. ur article is very helpful i.. tanx a lot. my problem should b lack of self confidence.. i dont think my lines are dat sick even when a lot of my friends think its very bad.. and after writing a rap in a feature with someone, i always think d persons verse is better .. i need advice please.. Facebook is #tz vik tonii .. u seem very wise and i need a lot of advice.. am 18

  64. Im Pero C by name im from Nigeria, im a rapper i want to know how to Gain my Audience, My mentor is Jcole But every time i download different combination of rap albums online, Sometimes i just need a new sound to clean my Ears up, But the problem im having is how to know my audience,There is a genre of music like Jcole i follow when writing raps. And thats is telling a story about a love experience i encounter in my little age. I know is a song i wrote to a girl i once Loved in highschool. she always cheated on me. due to the fact that im not the hard guy i always dont take it hard on her, still i play cool. thinking she gone fall back, like that story between and she was a song i wrote and Called I know, Story telling songs is what im trying on to know who my Audience are, I love doing Classic songs and they are music for the souls, The funny Part is my name is Conscience, Not long i ask my mother why she named me Conscience? Because you need to yourself and where you are coming form. Before writhing a rap line.. here is my Email [email protected]

  65. Hello, i have a really good Sound to my rap that is pleasing to the ear. As in i Have a unique voice and its a consistent one as well. I have a 3 Problems, first i am unsure of the best ways to obtain quality beats and i dont know the best places to go to get them. Second, I dont know how to release my music where people will hear it and know about it. Third, im not sure if i should go to a studio with just one track or should i do multiple first.

    I just dont want to spend the money on the beat and studio time if nobody will hear it after. Please help?

  66. im from Kenya a beautifull country full of young talents,im a rapper self made doing great things in my local dialect”swahili rap”,i agree its nt easy to be who we wanna be at the time we realy wanna be,but patience,insight,exposure,humility works in handy to craft a rapper,i dnt need to rush to become a crap rapper,we all need to learn what we need to have to get what it takes to be to be us,thanks and i like this site darius.

  67. cos my producer once told mi, just sing as if as u re already they.and before u get a sponsor u must spend money mind u the game is expensive

  68. well am an upcoming artist from Nigeria,I must say that one of the problem is that some rappers don’t Even work harder on their flows. OK u re ready to promote a jamz and u said u wanna be like drake or big Sean OK simple try to rap like them.then u started vomiting shit.what am trying to say is that ,number one thing is having the TALENT

  69. Mine name is chijioke obodo but mine stage name is chiblack am a good upcoming artists av drop some good song out for people to keep playing and dancing ,but mine problem is I don’t know how to market mine self and finacia problem

  70. Well one of my major problem is insufficient fund, and also lack of courage, no proper sponsor or maybe guardian. I really need someone to encourage me, back me up nd and be my support.

    • Sometimes you’ve got to just grind it out bro. If you don’t have the money, learn how to do what you were going to pay someone to do. For a lot of us, we’ve got to be our own supporters until people believe in us like we believe in ourselves.

  71. My biggest challenge has been trying to develop my brand and promote it properly I have talent just need someone to believe in me that can put me in the place I need to be.
    Doomp tha Hazzard an upcoming artist.

  72. Hardest part is definitely getting your fan base up and just saving up money in general. But you need to put in money to make it back and more.

    • It might be helpful to learn about personal finance to help with saving money. Don’t forget, time is just as valuable (actually more valuable IMO) as money. In most cases, if you don’t have money, you have time. Use that time to learn how to do what you were going to pay somebody to do.

  73. I believe I’m a unique artist, my only problem is I cannot market myself properly. I’ve been making music and got some people dancing and positively commenting to it. What do you think I have to start doing in order to make it.

  74. So im a 13 year old rapper.My maneger has been in the game for a while,almost achieved fame,was featured on world star hip hop,but he settled down.Anyways,Its really hard to get a big audience besides the people i know.How can i expand my audience over time?

  75. I want you to know I’m 5 years I’m the next big rapper God bless me and see me through and when I get money I’m giving u 100 thousand for the tips

  76. i appreciate this article .I’m in Zimbabwe and I’m deep into hiphop.Just Lacking financial support but I feel my lyrics are so good and iam targeting 17-24 ..age group ..I have a good stage name ..Iam just lacking money record colabos with well known artists coz ey are demanding ..stack of cash …But would like to thank you for posting this ..thumbs up man

  77. Good advice, my problem at the mo is finding my audience. I used to chat to drum and bass and then house and garage which was simple because the lyrix didnt have to tell a story you just talk about good vibes etc, ive been rapping for a bit now and i dont want to chat about things im not into or want to get involved with, i dont gangster rap coz im not tryna have a gangster life and i feel that alot of people now a days are into that (even people who arent gangster at all) i talk about old skool days and how its fun etc but im not gettin no love. Really dont know what direction to go in now because i dont think i should have to change what i rap about to be successful, you get what i mean?

    • I get exactly what you mean. In cases like these, you usually have 1 of these problems (or both):

      1. Your music isn’t good enough for the people you’re trying to get to listen to it
      2. You’re marketing your music to the wrong people

      Since you said you have a problem finding your audience, I’ll assume it’s #2. The easiest way to find your audience, in my opinion, is to find a successful artist with a similar sound, style, or content – and start marketing your music to their audience.

  78. Hey Darius can you please delete my post I made on April. 20th? I’m getting a lot of emails from artist. I appreciate the reaching out but the emails are flooding my inbox. I’m not an executive for record labels. I think some may have the wrong idea. My name is Keith Richardson. I’d greatly appreciate it sir. Thank you.

    • I’d recommend you think of a name that means something to you and go with that. But, if you really need some help, try “IamSarah”.

  79. Holla guys, Am Bagon Dray..Am a rapper inspired by EazyE Kendrick Lamar & Eminem I’ve been rapping since 2012 and started writing my own songs in 2015 now am having so far over 40 rap songs ..and I’ve also managed to promote myself but its kinda harder. Still I’ve failed to get a good number of fans …My voice is already good,worked on it..And ready to get to the studio but Im scared that they might spoil my songs coz they’re nt de best recording studios I should want to work in..I want an international studio, manager to manage that’s the problem am getting yet years are also running ..Right now am Sixteen (16)yrs old…I wanna be a legend in the world ..coz I know I will make it but where to start from….Anyone who could want to help me my Email [email protected] or & Fb Page For proval about my work Google up me BAGON DRAY. Please help me……Need your help….THANKS.

  80. I am a girl and its kinda hard for me to rap. I write alot of lyrics but i still think they are not good enough. I wanna make change bring it out to the world. Being successful is what i want all. My family thinks imma be a bad girl ,well its what i wanna do but i need support for this shit. Everyday i think ’bout myself as a hiphop artist and everything. Here is the problem i need a stage name . let me know

  81. What’s up my name is “Nezz Wilson”. I’m an artist from Detroit, Michigan. You can find me all over Google ect. But in my city my sound doesn’t fit the criteria. I’m a very versatile artist. But I feel my biggest problem is branding myself. Atleast that’s what I feel. But being that my music isn’t “Street” it’s hard to appeal to the masses. Not to mention I don’t have any financial support. I can get studio time when I want & upload songs all day but I choose not to. I’m currently living in Dallas, Texas now with no idea on where to start due to me being new to the city & state. Not to mention I feel like it’s hard to market me due to me being versatile but then again I feel that’s a great asset to have. Honestly people have told me I’m talented but I just don’t know where to start. My only “Real” goal was to gain a buzz around the Detroit scene but I’m over looked due to the majority of the crowd. But I still don’t know where to start. I just don’t know what to do. The only thing on my mind is make music & promote. But I just don’t know where to start as far as promotion. I’m literally everywhere on social media. So if you could take a look at my social media pages & give me feedback on what to do I’d be grateful because I’m honestly lost right now. I really need a sign. Thank you for the time.

    • Hey Nezz,

      It does sounds like you’re having a problem with branding and marketing. I think you should focus on 1 sound as an artists and then promote your music to people who like that sound. The easiest way to do this in my opinion is to find a popular artist’s music that closely resembles what you’re currently making, and then target their fans. Your main focus should be to build an audience.

      Being versatile will come in handy if you choose to do any somgwriting down the road.

  82. Hey what an article!!!!! I’m C-lo what I think it is for me has been time all around I believe also its my location at the present moment I live in San Diego , ca. But I’m born and raised in new York all my life the whole tone of hip hop is tottally different here before that it was jail that got in the way although I wrote a lot of shit there it held me back from the business aspect of it . so to fastward now it currently my location and work right now its limits the time I can spend on music honestly though on my days off I can kick out 3-6 songs with hooks and not abc crap by far!!!

  83. Not really the biggest problem, but more so stressful. At this beginning stage of my career, promoting myself, building a brand. The brand is me, so am I build my brand behind my music or behind me myself ?

    • You can do both, but I’d say focus on what’s working the best for you at the moment, in regards to building an audience. Some people use fashion or comedy to build their audience and then release music, others are able to build their audience solely from music. What are you currently known for in your city?

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      Setting goals can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the time to set them.

      What’s taking up most of your time?

  84. Good Morning, I really appreciate this article. I’m not a rapper but my background is marketing/public relations. I’m working with several acts and trying to get them as much exposure as possible. I totally agree with what you are saying and I believe in slow building. Meaning, taking your time at crafting your skills and constantly writing new material Blessings and much success to you all!

    • Hey Keith, happy to hear you found this article helpful. Building slow is *typically* the smarter way. So many artists are in a rush and sabotage long-term success for short-term gains.

      • bruh i love how u inspire ppl!U have enough experience and thinking than any other else in the world !I am actually helping people myself but I have an issue myself!first off I cant find any producer to help me ,tho many ppl have asked for collabs, i cant help myself produce!I haven’t et started to post!first off , I have recorded tons of covers with instrumentals from original song ! many of my friends have loved them !but I believe an actual artist is one who makes his own songs and also I wouldn’t get enough revenue from covers!so should I start with my own songs or posting my covers??

  85. My son has been trying to become a rapper for the past three years now. He’s a good rapper, but not really a successful one. It’s his dream to become a big hit one day. However, just as you have shared there are some tips to follow. I think the hardest one for him is to set goals.

    • You could search local studios in your city or town, to pay for their time just get a day job even if it may seem “lame” . Once you start making some sort of income you can get studio time, if that doesn’t sound good then purchase the equipment yourself , learn how to make beats or purchase them online. Also surround yourself with people who know about the industry an hang out with them, by getting a new group of friends or team that can help suport what you do an gemuliy belive in you , you have a better chance.
      P.s. never get discouraged , Dr. Sues wrote 27 books before getting his brake , constantly improve yourself and the work will show it.

  86. Being new or a nobody in this music industry really puts me in a tough place when it comes to publicity. I just made a Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud , and a Youtube account but Im really trying to attract fans

    • It’s hard when you’re just starting off. I’m going to write a post about how to get people to listen to your music to try to help you. I’ll let you know once it’s up.

          • Being a Hip Hop artist is not easy. It’s a life changing decision that takes years of practice , precision, critical thinking, and much more.

            I typically never respond to threads an to be honest This is my first time doing so.

            I’ve put together a list of things you should do for a day one type of artist. There’s tips are what I did when I first started.

            I also recommend you do it in this order !

            1. Freestyle Freestyle Freestyle.
            -Not for days or weeks but for as long until you realized what you got is ready to be created Into serious audio recording. Practice Freestyling on an instrumental in a car or on your phone using YouTube or SoundCloud. / Do not post anything. I know the first recording you do at some point will be gold to you but please trust me an wait on it.
            Freestyling to a beat improves flow

            Freestyling without an instrumental will help with word play.

            Do both for a long time. For example I spent roughy 4 years doing so before I started working on actual equipment.

            2. While your working on Freestyling learn the importance of branching out your mentality. It will be key when you must stand alone in the future to peruse what you’ve been working on. This one I can’t really go into to much depth but if your a A B C type of person try looking at the letters upside down and reverse. Being a Lynyrd Skynyrd “simple man” in this game will lead to disappointment and failure. So learn the importance of your existence an feel your life story run in your blood.

            3.After you learn how to freestyle somewhat do what I call a ghetto edit.

            At this point you probably don’t have any equipment which is good. You shouldn’t need much to learn and if you buy the equipment early on you’ll probably wasted your money. Music isn’t like buying a skateboard or football. A ghetto edit is when you have a beat playing on computer speakers or car speakers use your phone / iPod to voice record while you rap your lyrics to make a junior song. This is only for listening purposes to study your flow style and ability to cut words not for YouTube Facebook or really showing many people. The reason I recommend not showing people is because your probably not gonna get the reaction you want or they will just say it’s fire or something. The only approval should be yours or your best friend or 2 an that’s it. Allow the learning process to become a laboratory of experiments an tests.

            4. Learn about imagery / fashion / appearance. You may not need this yet but the more you understand how this will come in later the easier it will be to brand yourself. When doing any of these tips learn to be a sponge. Learn to process process and don’t take everything so black and white. For example A Rock / is a nautical element / hard / cold or could be hot / dense / dirty or clean / what color is it / where is it / light heavy round sharp….. think like this when learning how to put all the pieces together. The music industry for independent artist is not open for dull simplistic creativity. Get smart my friend.

            5.dont forget who you were / are now / what you are.
            Its easy to lost yourself in the game.

            6. Don’t let time pass by smoking drinking and hanging out with people who will bring you down. No one will probably help and or save you do the work for you. Be the one to go right instead of left.

            7. It’s a rule more than a tip but No an I mean No Relationships expecially if your heading towards the age of 22 23. Time is already running short. Spend time with your music. That is your love.

            8. Grinding isn’t a 9am to 5
            Pm without another 6:30pm to 5am stay working realize what must be done to get what you want.

            9. Never stop moving or you die. Even if you haven’t recorded a song yet.

            10. Do all that about 1,000 more times before moving
            To part 2.

            Part 2 is where you are a comfortable freestyler / understand everything above to an extent and are ready to yet agaim walk on glass to move toward being an amature recording artist. This is a whole different subject with a lot more learning of software branding pages merchandise finances LLC’s promotions and the list goes on an on.

            If you do what I said in part one you’ll be ready for part 2.

            I didn’t cover ever single thing since it would be like a book but always keep growing on your own an if you do those things daily an weekly you’ll grow stronger.


            You probably say what does this guy know an I don’t blame you any one reading this just know I want to help those who want to learn. I’m a hip hop artist based out of Philadelphia I’m currently 24 years old an have been doing this heavily for almost 9 years.

            If you’ll like yo email me please do so

            [email protected]

            You can also find me on YouTube / SoundCloud / Facebook and Instagram

            Under Rucki Official
            I hope this helps you. Give em all you got

    • It can be challenging when you’re just at the starting point of your future ‘career’. Though, the biggest issue that holds me back from that is society. For example, a lot of female rappers today (Iggy, Nicki Minaj, etc.) are very provocative and write ‘sexy’ raps. And they’re being loved for their sophisticated ways. Though with me, I’m not into writing that stuff. I mean, it’s cool, but it’s not me. But I feel that society tells us females, the sexy you are, the more you become successful. I also feel I’m not going to be accepted in the industry because I’m outside of that box, you know. Like I won’t get any love or acknowledgement because I don’t follow that pattern.

      • Hey Alex, I understand that society put lots of pressure on women to be more sexy or showy in order to be more successful but it’s all entertainment, money at the end of day. It’s not what all people want to see or crave. They is female rappers out that are more conscious and soulful. I feel it’s all depends on you and you legacy like what you wanna be know as? You don’t just have to entertain people through your body, you could entertain people through mind, your soul or any other gifts you have. I feel like at the end of day, it all depends on what makes you the most happy, if it is about shaking your ass, and making money, mind as well just do it lol but if it is about changing people and spreading love through your gifts and talents then I salute you my sistar and nobody can stop you cause Gods are with you on your journey. Good luck Alexis. Peace.


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