How To Get Your Mixtape On MyMixtapez

How To Upload Your Mixtape On MyMixtapez (short version):

There are 3 ways to upload your mixtape on MyMixtapez:

  1. Pay to get your mixtape featured on MyMixtapez
  2. Network with the staff of MyMixtapez
  3. Build your brand and have them come to you

How To Get Your Mixtape On MyMixtapez (video):

What is MyMixtapez?

MyMixtapez is an iPhone and android app that allows hip-hop artists to upload their mixtapes to reach a bigger audience.

How Does MyMixtapez Help?

Just like Datpiff, Spinrilla, and Live mixtapes – MyMixtapez is a mixtape marketing platform designed to help you increase your music’s visibility and reach more people.

This can be extremely valuable if you have the other areas of your music career taken care of (branding, good music, good overall strategy, etc..). With these areas taken care of, it’ll make your job of converting listeners into fans much easier. However, if you don’t have those areas taken care of, you’re going to hurt yourself more than you’ll benefit.

Instead of being looked at as the next dope artist, you’ll be looked at as another whack rapper with a mixtape. If you ruin your first impression with the listener, it’ll hurt your reputation and make every project released thereafter much harder to promote successfully.

How To Get Your Mixtape On MyMxtapez

Although MyMixtapez is one of the newer mixtape marketing platforms, they’ve managed to build an audience quickly and can be an awesome tool for an upcoming hip-hop artist. Similar to other mixtape marketing platforms, getting your music on their platform can sometimes be more difficult than simply filling out a form.

1.) Pay to get your mixtape featured on MyMixtapez

If getting your mixtape on MyMixtapez quickly is something you’re trying to do, paying to get your mixtape featured is one of the quickest ways to do so.

MyMixtapez charges a flat fee, depending on where you’d like your mixtape or single placed on the app.

–To be featured at the top of MyMixtapez for approximately 24 hours will cost you about $4000. This price will allow you to be the first thing a viewer sees when they open the app.

–To be featured in the rows below for 24 hours will cost you anywhere from $500 – $1500 depending on which row you select.

–To be featured in the “Recents” tab will cost you about $350 per submission.

In addition to getting your mixtape on MyMixtapez, they have packages available for getting your singles on their as well. If you’d like to view the full pricing for all of their placements including singles, you can do so by checking out their media kit.


2.) Network with the staff of MyMixtapez

Network with the staff of MyMixtapez and build a relationship. If you can form win-win relationships, you’ll have no problem getting on MyMixtapez. But if you try to build a relationship solely based on getting something out of it, you won’t get far. I believe the quickest way to succeed is by helping others first, before asking for anything in return.

A google search or twitter search could give you some insight on who the staff members are. Do your homework before contacting them and remember to help them first, before looking for something in return.


3.) Build your brand

This might be the slowest strategy, but it’s the most organic and natural. Go out and hustle, network, make good music, and grow your brand. As your fan base grows, you’ll start getting noticed by others as a result. Once your brand becomes valuable and can bring website traffic, your inbox will be full of people asking you to release your songs and mixtapes on their platform.

However, Make Sure….

That you’re at the stage where releasing a mixtape can benefit you. A lot of hip-hop artist rush and release mixtapes before they have a decent sized fanbase to support it. Before you put out a mixtape, read this article to get an idea on if you’re actually ready to release a mixtape

Things Worth Tweeting

Things Worth Tweeting

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