How To Get Your Music Heard By Hip Hop DJs

If you’re reading this, I don’t have to tell you how important Hip Hop DJs are. They’re in the clubs playing music in front of hundreds of people every night and most are DJs are always looking for new music.

Want to know the only thing better than getting your music heard by hundreds of people every night? Getting your music heard by hundreds of people every night – for $0.

That’s 1 benefit of working with a DJ.

See, DJs make money by playing at events. So what do they need to play their events successfully? Music that the audience likes.

Your job? Give DJs some music that the audience likes, so they can have a successful event and make more money.

In a perfect world, you would create music that the audience likes and start getting played by DJs. But since that’s no longer the case, I’m going to give you 3 tips to help you get your music heard by Hip Hop DJs.

1. “Be Poppin’ In Your City…”

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This tip comes from DJ Steph Floss. Steph Floss is one of the most known and respected DJs from Cleveland. He’s also the DJ for the Cleveland Cavs and Lebron James.

At an Elmnt 13 seminar, he gave some quick advice to any music artists in the crowd.

Although I’m butchering the quote, he said something along the lines of:

“Make sure your music is popping’ in your city. If so, DJs won’t have a choice but to play your music.”

In other words, gain popularity and use it as leverage when trying to get your music heard by Hip Hop DJs. The more leverage you have, the more likely you are to get your music heard.

2. Build A Relationship With Them

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Similar to building relationships with Hip Hop bloggers, building relationships with Hip Hop DJs will put you ahead of strangers that contact them daily. Most people will gladly help a friend before helping a stranger.

But, don’t build relationships just so you can get a benefit from it. That’s the wrong way of doing things. You want to professionally build relationships in Hip-Hop by creating win-win situations. This mean that the DJ needs to get something out of the relationship, as well as yourself.

Win-Lose relationships take the same amount effort to build, but won’t last as long as a genuine win-win relationship.

Some benefits you may get by building relationships with Hip Hop DJs:

Some benefits you could offer a Hip Hop DJ:

  • Good and exclusive music to play at clubs
  • Networking opportunities
  • Additional support from your fans (cross-promotion opportunities)

3. Send Them An Email

Image with text that says "Send An Email To A DJ And Introduce Yourself To Start Building A Relationship"

There are tons of Hip Hop artists that don’t use email. Honestly, I remember years ago when I barely used it. It’s probably a generational thing.

Anyway, sending a cold email to someone in an attempt to introduce yourself and provide value can be a useful way to get your music heard by Hip Hop DJs.

Want to know the best way to get your emails read? Don’t send the same spammy crap that everyone else sends. Spend some time researching the person you’re contacting and make it a personal email.

Here’s a direct email template I’d use to try to get my music heard by Hip Hop DJs in my city:



I’m a big fan of your projects like {INSERT PROJECT NAME} and {INSERT ANOTHER PROJECT NAME}. You killed it with those!

I’ve got a song for you that’s been getting great responses when I play it at {INSERT IDENTIFIABLE CLUB / LOCATION}.

You’re opinion is one of the few that I really respect and value. I’d love for you to give this song a quick listen and let me know if you think I should push this song or head back to the “drawing board”.


Thanks {INSERT DJ NAME}, I appreciate it!

{INSERT CONTACT INFO – Name, Email, Phone, 1-2 Social Media platforms}


What that email does:

Compliments the DJ on his work and the personalization shows you’re not just sending mass spam emails to people. This email was specifically created for him.

Adds social proof. If other people at these clubs like it, then maybe the people at the DJ’s club might like it. If you don’t have social proof yet, get some before sending this email. You don’t want to look like a lazy rappers that expects a hand-out.

SPECIFICALLY ask for what you want. You’re not asking for “feedback”. “Feedback” is too general. That’s too much work and could be anything. But asking someone to let you know if you should push a song or not, is simple and easy.

The Soundcloud link makes it easy for them to stream your song. Don’t send your song as an attachment. They don’t trust you or your link. It could be a virus for all they know. So, keep it simple and send a link to stream your song.

Gives the DJ more ways to contact you. They may just reply to your email (most will), but some may want to contact you on social media or talk over the phone.


Want to stand out even more? Create a video using the template above, upload it as “unlisted” Youtube, and then email or tweet the DJ. Not many people are using videos to introduce themselves or contact others in Hip Hop. You can use the camera from your phone.

Just add this sentence in the beginning of your email:




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  1. Much love for all of the industry tips you provide and will provide my brother..this and a few other blogs of yours has most definitely made me rethink my marketing and promoting strategy to pull in more listeners and overall get my music heard by the masses..I know a few DJs personally and it never dongged on me to reach out to them for a bit of love but thank and also thank you again in advance simply because you have sparked something in me to push a little love

  2. Good blog homie..Dj Slizzerd from Cashville Tn… I’m Dj I been reading the post getting insight on the industry and the entry level of brand building.I came out with mixtape last week and I was interested in putting g on spinrilla and your article came up..


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